A Dose of Vitality: 5 Medicinal Herbs To Help You Regain Your Energy

In our day-to-day life, we go through so many activities that cause us to be stressed from time to time. Right from when they wake up in the morning till the time when they lay their head to rest, some people are always working and hardly find time to rest. This lack of rest can harm the body and cause us to break down from fatigue or other health-related issues. The thing about falling ill due to lack of rest is that you do not need any drugs. Even if you visit the hospital, you will be given anesthesia to make you sleep because you need to rest to be okay.

Other than getting enough rest, you need to maintain a balanced diet and perform other self-care activities like exercising. These activities can help you boost your strength and also benefit the brain. Another thing that you can do to enhance your energy is to explore the healing power of herbs. Herbs can help with your energy but you have to be careful not to take herbs if you are on medication. If you must take herbs, make sure that your doctor approves of it. There are a lot of herbs that you can take to boost your energy, but here are the top five.

1. Ginseng:

Ginseng is a well-known herb and is notable for its ability to boost people’s energy. Ginseng also enhances the function of the brain and people take it to function better at their work. Ginsenosides, Eleutherosides, and ciwujia oxides are some of the components of Ginseng that make it a sought-after herb among people who want to boost their energy and performance. Mental alertness, concentration, improved mood, anti-fatigue, etc are some of the other properties that are associated with taking Ginseng. However, taking the herb has been shown to increase blood pressure and cause other issues like insomnia or diarrhea.

2. Sage:

Sage contains compounds like luteolin, rosmarinic acid, camphor, etc and these compounds are responsible for boosting cognitive function in people. Sage is important to both the old and young. In old people, sage can help to improve the mood while it helps young people remember words easily. Amongst other functions, taking a small portion of sage can cause a person to be mentally alert for a number of hours. Memory, attention, cognition, and motivation are only a few out of the many functions of the sage herb. In order to grow Sage at home, you will need direct sunlight or grow light, there should be well-drained soil and also good air circulation.

3. Cannabis:

Cannabis is not fully legal in the US and other parts of the world but in the places where it has been legalized, cannabis has shown to improve energy and concentration in people who take it. Cannabidiol, a major compound in the cannabis plant works for people with anxiety and concentration problems. A lot of people are going into the business of cannabis planting and with the rise in demand for cannabis, you might also be considering beginning planting cannabis. If you want to grow cannabis, there are some cannabis consulting firms that you can approach to bring you up to speed on the laws guiding cannabis planting and help you achieve success in the cannabis industry.

4. Guarana:

Guarana is one of the ingredients that is used in most energy drinks and supplements. If you want to employ herbs to get energy and help you improve mental and physical functions, the caffeine, saponins, and tannins contained in guarana can help you to achieve this. Guarana also helps to boost alertness and attention. However, it should be taken moderately because excess use of guarana can cause anxiety and increase blood pressure.

5. Bacopa monnieri:

This herb is found in the south of Asia and local doctors use it to treat people with insomnia, memory issues, and anxiety. Bacosides are compounds found in bacopa monnieri and they help to protect the brain and make people work faster. As much as bacopa monnieri helps people to process information faster, if it is taken too much, it can affect digestion and if taken with medication, it can interfere with the effectiveness of the medication.


These herbs are efficient to improve energy and you must make sure that they are not taken with medications else neither of them might be effective. However, if you want to stay energetic, the best way to do that is to rest and eat good food. You can also engage in other physical activities that will help you get rid of stress.  If you want to use herbs, discuss them with your doctor so you can be guided on how to properly use them to avoid the complications that come with an overdose.

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