A Comprehensive Guide to the Materials Used in Vograce Custom Keychains

Looking for something unique to give as a present or simply looking to upgrade your personal accessories? Vograce offers an impressive range of custom acrylic keychain. Easy to maintain and available in different shapes, sizes and colours – they make great additions!


Acrylic is a transparent, resilient, and long-term material ideal for everyday wear and tear. Additionally, its variety of colours and designs makes it the ideal option for customizing accessories.

Many people favour key chains made from custom keychains, yet it is important to consider their production and environmental impact before purchasing one. While acrylic chains may be durable and cost-efficient, their production requires significant energy investment from both production and transporting facilities.

Vograce is one of the leading producers of acrylic keychains and offers various designs. Based in China, they produce millions of these keychains annually.

At Keychain Express, they currently provide over 100 unique designs to choose from for customers to create custom keychains with. Custom keychains based on your own designs or logos make these the ideal way to add some flare and character to accessories!

Vograce’s custom keychain service requires your artwork, printing method, size and colour options as well as any accessories (if applicable). Alternatively, you can upload a file containing this information so they can complete your order quickly and efficiently.

Vograce will contact you within 1-3 days with a proof, and once satisfied with it, complete and ship it directly.

Vograce uses UV-curable inks to print vibrant designs onto acrylic charms. These inks consist of monomers and oligomers that cross-link when exposed to UV light energy.

Print-on-demand technology provides an effective means of printing designs onto different surfaces without endangering the environment, and is an affordable option for those without time or resources to design their own products.

Vograce’s free design service can assist in crafting products that stand out from the crowd and offers a selection of clipart images as a starting point.


Stainless steel alloys are known for their corrosion-resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures, making it the material of choice in food handling equipment and numerous other industries.

Chemical composition of stainless steel is determined primarily by elements like chromium, nickel and molybdenum; when combined with low carbon content they work to increase corrosion and heat resistance while other metals like copper, aluminium, niobium and titanium may also be added for specific properties or special features.

Chromium: When added to steel during melting, chromium adds corrosion resistance by creating an oxide film on its surface that acts as a barrier against pitting and intergranular corrosion.

Nitrogen: Nitrogen is an element found within metal that promotes an austenitic microstructure and resists stress corrosion. It’s less prone to oxidation than carbon or nickel and can even be alloyed with other elements that produce better austenite such as manganese for use.

Molybdenum: When added to stainless steel, molybdenum helps retain its high toughness even at elevated temperatures, increasing resistance against pitting corrosion and helping prevent temperature embrittlement (a weakness that develops due to extreme cold or exposure to chloride solutions). It can also prevent temperature embrittlement.

Duplex Stainless Steels: Duplex stainless steel is a mix of ferritic and austenitic stainless steels created by adding more chromium and nickel than standard martensitic stainless steel to produce a ferritic-austenitic microstructure that responds well to heat treatment.


Vograce’s vast selection of materials and customization options allows you to design the ideal keychain accessory, whether for business promotion or personal gifts. Their products are durable, odourless and scratch-resistant – an excellent addition for promotional campaigns or giveaways!

Vograce offers a selection of clear acrylic keychains made from durable and door-free material for you to select from, making these keychains easy to cut into any shape or size you like, plus customizing with intricate designs or artwork for the ultimate customization experience.

Vograce has an assortment of colours and styles that will ensure that there’s sure to be something perfect for your brand or message! Plus, its low cost makes the project both accessible and fun to make!

Metal Hard Enamel Keychains

Vograce’s metal hard enamel keychains are durable yet beautiful accessories. Crafted from zinc alloy, they come in an assortment of colours and styles.

These products can be used as luggage or personal accessories and more, with most being durable enough to withstand wear and tear, making them a top choice among customers.

Keychains can be personalized using various printing techniques, such as screen printing or laser engraving. Glitter or sequins add extra shimmer for added flair and style.

Choose either single-sided or double-sided printing and opt for golden or silver edges with hot stamping process that makes sure designs look sharp and vibrant while epoxy coating protects surface from abrasion and erosion.

Holographic: You have the option of customizing your keychains with holographic film for added glisten and star effects, plus printing them with various patterns and images.

Etched: Etching is an increasingly popular process for custom keychains, offering an inexpensive yet eye-catching way to display your design without incurring the high costs associated with printing. Etched effects tend to be soft and subtler than their sandblasted counterpart, providing another outlet to showcase your creativity and showcase your design skills.


PVC is a soft yet sturdy material that can be customized with any design you can come up with, perfect for keychains to promote your business or organization. At Vograce we offer custom keychains made out of this material which make an effective promotional product.

Durable and long-lasting, custom printed business cards offer great value. Available in an array of colours and customizable to your brand, these durable cards can also feature three dimensional shapes with raised or recessed details for a truly personal experience.

Custom PVC keychains are an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business or organization, offering great branding potential with their customizable features such as text or images.

Customizing PVC keychains is a straightforward and simple process. Simply choose your keychain type, create your design or pattern, and consult with a professional factory and team in order to complete production.

Personalize your product further by adding a backing card, which serves as an effective way of advertising for your business or brand. Include social media links and any pertinent details in it for added exposure.

Etched keychains are extremely durable, lasting years without needing replacing or being damaged by daily use – perfect for promotional, gifting and souvenir purposes.


Custom keychains come in all sorts of varieties, from clear acrylic and epoxy designs, holographic options, metal options and more. All of these custom keychains are constructed from top-of-the-line materials designed to stand the test of time.

When designing your custom keychain, an online design tool or graphic designer are both options available to you for creating the design you envision.

Once you have chosen a design you like, Vograce makes ordering easy. They will send a proof before producing the final product and even provide sample keychains so you can find one best suited to you.

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