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9 Kitchen Organization Concepts To Effectively Save Space

Kitchen organization has evolved over the years, and food has been a part of people’s lives from the beginning of ages, especially with the use of stones as knives, wood, and fire as a stove. Presently, society dreams of having an aesthetic kitchen to cook in a modernized world, that’s why the kitchen became a favorite place in the house. The kitchen can transform food into special delicacies that will fill your empty stomach. 

The kitchen magic always comes from a mess, but it is still essential to tidy things up afterward. If you complete all your kitchen materials, you will need a storage unit setup for each of them. You must start canvassing items like a pull-out pantry cabinet, shelves, a refrigerator, and kitchen racks. You do not have to pressure yourself to establish the perfect kitchen, it is okay to take some time. So, here are nine kitchen organization tips that will help you out!

1. Organize Your Refrigerator Using Plastic Compartments

It is frustrating that small bottles tip over after opening the refrigerator door. There is a way to hold the water, juice, and liquid condiment bottles, so you do not have to fret. Purchasing plastic compartments and choosing the right sizes will make a good storage unit in your fridge. Now you can open the fridge door without wasting any juice and milk. You can regroup the items and place them inside one box.  

2. Sort Out Your Utensil Drawer

Who likes a jam-packed utensil drawer? Nobody. It isn’t easy to find a pair of utensils when mixed up. Imagine having trouble getting a bread knife because all the utensils are inside it. A great thing to solve is to create or purchase a utensil organizer. In that way, all utensils have separate compartments, from spoons to knives. It effortlessly gives you the things you need at a glance.  

3. Have a Built-In Cutting Board that Fits Your Sink

Chopping vegetables and fruits can get a little messy. It is tiring when you repeatedly go to the sink and back to chopping. So, why not have a space for chopping near the sink. It saves from going to and fro from your kitchen area. The built-in chopping board allows you to reach everything you need conveniently. The kitchen table will be an additional space to place the finished food. You can neatly prepare the food before putting it on the main table. 

4. Create a Functional Decor 

The time will come that you will inherit your grandma’s wooden utensils, rolling pins, and well-worn cutting board. And if you do so, place it somewhere that will remind you of them. These kitchen tools contribute to an authentic appearance in the kitchen. You can display it as an ornament by hanging them on available wall space, and maybe restore and make use of them again. 

5. Install Extra Storage on the Side of Your Fridge

Sometimes you have to put everything out from the cabinet, as it is jam-packed inside. It is sometimes becoming challenging to reach things at the back of the fridge, especially when it is packed. Magnetic shelves are a brilliant idea to grab the spices quickly. It is convenient to install with a few sticks! In addition, it is removable and excellent for renters. Magnetic shelves do not take so much space and are versatile too. You can install as plenty as you need. No problemo! 

6. Transform a Drawer into Spice Rack Drawer

Are you worried about buying too many herbs and spices because you do not know where to place them? There is a solution for that! You must purchase a vacant super-shallow drawer, and place these ridge spice storage inserts from IKEA! Tadah! You got yourself brand new storage, especially for your favorite spices. It fits perfectly on standard-size spice jars from the grocery. Now, you don’t have to transfer the spices to new containers. You can keep them the same way you brought them. Simple as that!

7. Clean Your Fridge From Time to Time

Cleaning your fridge will help you get rid of expired goods and wipe every dirt. It is frustrating when your groceries won’t stay in the refrigerator, as it keeps on tilting down, and some have already poured. In that case, you will have to clean it repeatedly. 

Worry no more because there’s a simple solution to that! Get and add clear bins inside your fridge, and label them too. It will hold your goods, such as eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Make sure to organize them according to category. In that way, you can quickly get the item you need!

8. Pull a Rolling Cart

You are wondering where to put your newly bought small food products. A rolling cart is handy for additional storage. It would perfectly fit beside your fridge or cabinets. Some people use rolling carts to place their coffee collections and bring them along. It is versatile and portable too! 

Provide an extra room for your favorites so that you would not force them to the other cabinets. Keep your items organized and easily accessible.

9. Install a Kid-Friendly Cabinet

Getting a smaller cabinet will help kids to reach the items quickly. Designate the cabinet to a lower portion of your kitchen. A kids’ corner will serve as storage for their food containers, water tumblers, and reusable plates and cups. It will teach kids to be organized by using this brilliant idea. Indeed, it reduces the mess, leading to a win-win situation. 

In a Nutshell 

Kitchen organization efficiently saves time, effort, and space. It reduces your energy from running around the kitchen and you can quickly grab everything you need. It creates peace of mind while preparing a delicious meal. Now, your kitchen clutter will be a less hassle to clean to give way to other house chores. Say goodbye to the messy fridge, counters, and kitchen tables with these kitchen ideas. If you want to read more related kitchen tips, visit Storables.com! 

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