8 reasons why sit stand desks makes your office more organised

Sitting for hours a day can be bad for you. We have all been guilty of sitting much too long and you might have felt the negative effects on your posture or productivity. Thankfully there is a new way to stay active at work that may be just what your health needs – sit stand desks.

Sit stand desk is typically bigger than regular office desks, which allow trainees to stand up while working and also provide some other benefits like movement, which improves blood flow as well as reducing stress hormones.

Let’s learn about the many possible benefits sit stand desks in the workplace can provide, by reading our article below.

Reason 1 – No need for a pile of clothes on the floor

Simplicity of life is an underrated goal, and it can be accomplished with help from a sit stand desk. We’ve all had those days where we put our shoes on before putting pants on. With a desktop standing desk, you can now have both feet free to slip into some fresh shoes and get rid of that annoying shoe pile near your desk.

Reason 2 – A little bit of meditation

With the extra support from a sit stand desk, you will have fewer aches and pains when sitting at your computer. The standing desk creates a bridge between standing and sitting positions, and makes it easier to take regular breaks during your day. It is also easier to think clearly when you are not hunched over your keyboard with tons of stress on your neck.

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Reason 3 – Balance is the key

When we think about training for the Olympics, one thing comes to mind: balance! By keeping our feet on the footrest while working or standing up while eating lunch, we are constantly balancing while lifting our bum up off the chair. This helps to maintain balance throughout the day.

Reason 4 – It’s easier to draw when you’re standing

We all know the ritual of drawing, whether it’s for the purpose of an art class or just for fun. When we can get our hands up above our head, we are able to hold a pencil more easily and have more freedom in drawing. When we’re sitting at a desk and can’t extend our arms, we often find ourselves lifting our hands up in order to reach for something.

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Reason 5 – Your muscles will feel less pain

When you sit with legs crossed, there is far less pressure on your thighs compared to when you’re standing with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Sometimes sitting for long periods of time can create immense pain in your lower back and legs, especially if you have to then stand up.

Reason 6 – Stay on schedule

A standing desk encourages regular movement, which keeps the metabolism going and prevents bloating. Having a standing desk helps you become more aware of the time, as well as your place in space. By using a standing desk, we become more reliant on ourselves and less reliant on technology to tell us what’s going on around us.

Reason 7 – Exercise at work!

Having a sit-stand desk gives you the option to take regular breaks during the day while still keeping an eye on your work. It also allows you to have movement in between your sitting and standing breaks.

Reason 8 – The truth

The truth is, nothing stays the same forever. We constantly change and evolve as people, and a desk shouldn’t be any different. A sit-stand desk is a great investment in your future, especially if you like having an organised desk, whether you want to start something new or continue doing what you’ve been doing.


Does this mean you should try to build a whole new office layout overnight? Maybe not. If your current space really works for your company, great. Keep it, but take note of how you can get more out of it, whether that be by getting rid of one more chair or adding a sit stand desk.

As with any new development, whether it’s in technology or the workplace, it’s best to take note and evaluate what you can afford and what the price would be for the new setup. But don’t worry – there are many ways to get started within your own office today if you’re thinking about expanding into a standing desk setup.

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