8 Games to Try if You Love Playing Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is one of many popular games right now. MiHoYo, a game developer, initially debuted the game in 2020, and it acted as a starting pad for numerous streamers and YouTubers that year. You may play it on smartphones, PCs, and video game consoles. The game hit an all-time high of 11 million users as of June 2021.

If you are an avid Genshin player, you probably know how this game works and the essential things about playing it. These important things include no other than its solid characters, the most extraordinary artifacts to use, like Bennett artifacts, among others. This article is absolutely for you if you want to try more games like Genshin Impact! It is exclusively for Android and iOS users! The games in the list have almost the exact characteristics of Genshin Impact, such as being a Gacha system, a perplexing tale, etc. So, without any further ado, here are the games.

1. Tales of Wind

One of the games with a similar theme to Genshin Impact is Tales of Wind. It also has a Gacha system, so if that’s what you’re looking for, Tales of Wind is the game for you. The game has numerous genres, from RPG action to drama, tactical gameplay, and fantasy. Tales of Wind is a unique plot about La Place, in which you must discover the truth to bring light to the world. While that seems fascinating, there’s a lot more to learn. There are anime-styled sceneries, music that fits nicely with the gaming environment, and excellent character voice acting.

Not to mention the Gacha system, which allows you to gather over 80 distinct characters in Tales of Wind. You’ll have to master Divinity’s power and establish a new global order. Furthermore, the game features fantastic graphics, such as Genshin Impact, which features 3D animations and powerful images. Tales of Wind is an excellent choice if you want to play an animated show RPG game on your iPhone or Android device.

2. Another Eden

Another Eden is a turn-based JRPG developed by some of the same folks that worked on Chrono Trigger. It’s one of the many great smartphone games on this list, and it’s one of the most narrative-driven mobile games ever. The main quest has hours of gameplay and different timelines, while there is a rich cast of characters and some side tasks to explore.

The game also has well-written characters according to their voice actors, many difficulty settings, an extensive leveling system, post-game content, and a smooth turn-based system with a typical JRPG feel. Another Eden might not have reinvented the wheel, but it establishes beyond a doubt that the wheel does indeed turn on a mobile platform.

3. RPG Toram

RPG Toram is all about fictitious role-playing, as the name implies, and this is also the core premise of Genshin Impact. It’s also an MMORPG, so you may play with thousands of people online and embark on an adventure together. In this game, you can create your character in any way you like. You can also use magical elements, improve your skills, collect weapons, solve puzzles for rewards, and explore the vast and gorgeous countries with your pals.

There’s also an interesting scenario about a post-catastrophic universe where all four worlds split. RPG Toram is a good pick if all you want is a conventional RPG pleasure.

4. The Alchemist Code

It is one of the most popular mobile role-playing games; it uses strategy RPG mechanics rather than the traditional JRPG mechanics. There are 50 collectible characters in the game, a multiplayer co-op mode, special events, and competitive PvP. It appeared to be reasonably free-to-play (F2P) friendly during our testing. 

We can, however, see both sides of the argument. There is a terrific soundtrack, good graphics, and plenty of things to do to support the game. 

5. Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls is among the gacha RPGs based on a popular shonen series. We choose Bleach Brave Soul, although Dragon Ball Legends and One Piece Treasure Cruise are good options. For either case, Bleach Brave Souls features action RPG elements, a robust gacha system, a vast cast of summonable characters, and the ability to participate in online PvP. The grind in this game, like others, is somewhat tricky, and the pull rates can be irritating at times. If you have a little patience, you can usually get the massive meta pulls when you need them.

6. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd should be on our list if you’re shopping for the perfect game like Genshin Impact. It’s an action-packed role-playing game set in a fantastical world with a Gacha system for purchasing weapons, clothing, and transforming into powerful characters. The game revolves around three characters known as Valkyries, and each Valkyrie has its own set of talents and assault powers. You can switch between heroes and fulfill team roles with various weapons and equipment.

7. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

A variety of Final Fantasy gacha games exist, including Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Most of them are decent, but Brave Exvius is just a notch above the rest. It’s a F2P-friendly game, and it also has a lengthy plot, many summonable units, numerous special events, and various additional activities. The battle is in the form of a turn-based JRPG with the usual assortment of special powers.

It also features a lot of crossovers with the other Square Enix titles, which adds to the nostalgia factor to it. Gumi is also the creator of the Brave Frontier franchise, and it’s essentially the same as Brave Exvius without the Final Fantasy aspect.

8. MARVEL Strike Force

Among the few Western gachas that can be accepted is MARVEL Strike Force. It’s similar to most mobile RPGs in terms of gameplay, and you put together a team of your favorite MARVEL characters to fight a new threat. The game’s story is decent, and it’s a fun game to play if you skip the PvP elements. Unfortunately, as with most Western gachas, the developers charge a lot of money for additional characters.

It’s simple to avoid sticking to PvE, but it’s hard to prevent if you play PvP. Stick for the storyline and ignore the PvP, and you’ll have a decent gacha game.


Finally! These are some of the top Android and iOS games similar to Genshin Impact. As you can see, Genshin Impact is one of the rare games that offers a visually appealing experience. So you better be observant on choosing new games and hope this list will help you. So what are you waiting for now? Now is the time to download these games and have some fun!

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