7 Ways To Purchase High Quality Dryers

You probably have so many clothes in your closet that you don’t know what to do with them! You might put them in the dryer, but they still smell bad, and they take up a lot of space. Or maybe you put them in the attic, where they get moldy and dirty. Here are seven ways to purchase high-quality dryers to help you save money and maintain your clothes.

1. Home Improvement Stores

If you live in a small town or rural area, these stores can be great spots for purchasing dryers. Home improvement stores often carry new appliances at low prices. They also usually offer free home delivery on any appliance purchased there. And because they are big box stores, it’s easier than ever to find good deals on high-quality dryers.

2. Local Garages that Offer “Open-Box” Sales

This is another one of those things people should never have to say about their local community. Sadly, most communities don’t provide this service, which means that if you need to buy a new dryer, you have to do it yourself. There’s no guarantee that the garage has brand-name dryers, though, and they may not even have all sizes. However, sometimes when someone buys an old machine from a garage sale, they won’t realize how bad it is until they start using it. Then they sell it for a fraction of its value because the machine isn’t as durable as the ones they bought from big boxes and major retailers.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular place to look for something like a high-quality dryer, especially if you know exactly what kind of machine you want. It’s super easy to sort through the results listed for anything from clothing to furniture. If you don’t mind the risk, feel free to post your ad, too. For example, my friend posted her daughter’s old hand-me-down crib on craigslist and made $50 selling it after taking some care to make sure it was safe for babies before listing it. This way, she had both hands free to spend time with her family instead of constantly worrying about it being damaged while taking out the trash or making dinner.

4. eBay and Other Online Auction Sites

If you’re looking for something, specific online auction sites such as eBay are always going to be a good option. People use these websites worldwide every day, and many of them are constantly open 24/7. The trick here is knowing how to search for and filter items properly. If you see something you want, check the seller rating and other reviews first.

5. Specialty Retailers

If you enjoy browsing in specialty shops, then you can become very adept at finding the best dryers among all the others. These include places like Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Dollar General, Walmart, and Best Buy. Many of them offer discounts off the retail price when buying more than one item.

6. Department Stores

You may think this sounds strange, but department stores can be great places to purchase a high-quality dryer. Some of them even specialize in it. For example, Macy’s offers different brands of washers and dryers for anyone who visits their store. You could also try shopping during sales. For example, Sears will occasionally put together special sale packages where you get a bunch of their kitchen appliances for 50% off.

7. Hardware Stores

The final category might require the least effort, but it can still be considered. Places like hardware stores are a great source for everything from nails to wood glue, and they almost always have appliances available. When buying larger items such as refrigerators or stoves, it’s highly recommendable to ask about financing options directly with the store owner. Often, they can’t help you but don’t want to turn away potential customers either. After talking to the right person, you should be able to find a decent loan for the size of appliance needed. Richard Jay is a leading distributor of commercial laundry machines and industrial laundry equipment at affordable rates

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