6 Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your Commercial Property

Each and every commercial building needs a makeover every couple of years to keep the property looking appealing to guests and residents. When you observe that a high-quality paint job can attract customers, boost employee morale, accentuate your brand, and strengthen your reputation, the answer becomes clear: your commercial property’s paint job is a fundamental component of your company’s success.

With time, sunlight, moisture and wind can all have an impact on the wear and tear of a perfect coat of paint. Repainting your property is imperative if you want your business to preserve its status.

So when should you make this investment? After all, a commercial paint job is not cheap and can take numerous weeks to complete, hindering customers and employees alike. The appropriate time to paint will differ from business to business. However, certain signs can guide you to make the call. Here we will outline six of the most common signs that it is time to give your reputable commercial painters in Sydney a call.

1. Warn Floor Markings

Floor markings within a commercial business are used to make employees aware of any potential hazards present, offer commands for those who operate heavy machinery equipment, depict traffic lines, and also serve as a way to keep certain regions within a warehouse or other industrial building organised.

When floor markings start to degrade and break down, it can boost the likelihood of accidents within the workplace and make it challenging for employees to carry out their work competently, hence why it is essential to contact a reputable commercial painter who can efficiently execute the appropriate upkeep of your interior painted floor markings.

If your property uses makeshift markings such as cones or tape, reinstating them with permanent paint can help heighten workplace safety.

2. Mould and Mildew

Over time, drawn-out exposure to sunlight and moisture will have an effect on the paint, causing damage. A great signifier is that mould and mildew will begin to cultivate and spread because of surplus moisture that is present. Building structures that are located in dark and humid environments are very prone to such issues.

Mould and mildew can result in very undesirable odours and can stain the paint’s surface a darker colour. If left unchecked, it can become very toxic, causing a severe health hazard.

In such circumstances, a brand new paint job will act as a defence against moisture, ultimately shielding your property.

3. Corrosion or Rust

Superior commercial painting is made to safeguard any metal surfaces within your property from any humidity-related damage. However, paint is not forever lasting, and when it begins to decompose, any metal coverings are at risk of being exposed.

Indications of corrosion can appear on your building when the paint deteriorates. When rust becomes visible, you will need to repaint the strained coatings. Defence against moisture-related deterioration is a very competent way to preserve the value of your property.

4. Fading Paint

Fading paint is a significant sign that it is time to refurbish your property. In regard to exterior walls, when low-quality paint is used alongside mediocre painting methods, the paint will generally fade at a much faster rate.

Intense heat and exposure to direct sunlight weaken the bonds of a paint job, causing the paint to lose its colour slowly. Bright colours tend to fade at an accelerated rate as they consume more UV rays as compared to darker colours.

It is recommended to utilise paint formulas that provide added protection for those exterior walls. Hiring experienced painters that can aid in determining the right paint for your property to create a long-standing colour will make your building appear pristine and brand new.

5. Paint Starting To Crack

Chipped and peeling paint cannot provide a sufficient seal against outside moisture. Numerous elements prompt cracked paint, but they all imply that moisture has gained entry into the exterior of your building.

Once you observe areas of paint deterioration, you need to immediately organise a plan of action to repaint your commercial property. Neglecting such problems will only result in the damage spreading drastically, worsening the issue even further. Tending to the problem earlier on is a lot easier than hanging around and waiting until the consequences are detected across your property.

6. Bubbling or Blistering Paint

Bubbling or blistering paint demonstrates that there is an absence of paint clinging to the primary surface. Severe weather changes, sun exposure and trapped foreign matter, are factors that can be the source of bubbling or blistering paint.

Throughout humid weather and immediate UV exposure, moisture can become confined between the exterior wall and the paint. When moisture attempts to escape, blistering or bubbling will come about.

Expert commercial painters will evaluate your property and put forward the best resolutions to eliminate the bubbly texture present.

Ready to repaint your property? Get in contact with reputable professional painters today!

Even though repainting can be a tedious process, in the long run, it can transform your business’s interior and exterior, offering a crisp, clean and professional look.

Whether you are in need of commercial painters in Sydney or residential painters in Sydney, repainting your estate is a significant investment that can help raise the value of your property.

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