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5 Upgrades You Can do to Create a Healthier Home

Every homeowner wants to create a safe and healthy haven where they can relax while living in a wholesome environment. This means keeping out critters and dirt as well as allergens such as pollen. It also means being vigilant about what products you use in your house and garden that could pose a health risk.

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Creating a healthier home sometimes means doing some upgrades to enhance the quality of your lifestyle. Australian homeowners have discovered the health benefits of installing skylights Sydney natural lighting experts are offering as part of their services. But, what other upgrades can you do to your residence, turning it into a healthy sanctuary for you and your family? Read on and find out!

5 Upgrades You Can do to Create a Healthier Home

1. Introduce More Natural Lighting

The reason why Australian homeowners are installing skylights is to introduce more natural lighting indoors. This upgrade is cost-effective and saves you from having to break down walls to insert bigger windows in rooms that have limited daylight streaming through.

The health benefits of installing skylights include:

  • Natural lighting improves your moods and mental health.
  • Sunlight boosts your Vitamin D levels whether you’re indoors or outside.
  • Natural lighting decreases stress levels.
  • Daylight keeps seasonal depression at bay.
  • Less exposure to the health risk of using fluorescent lighting.

Skylight installation is quick and easy when you use the professionals. It’s also one upgrade that requires minimal infrastructural changes. Plus, modern-day designs come with attractive features which enhance the aesthetics of your interior home design.

2. Install a Water Filtering System

If you’re concerned about the quality of your drinking water, consider installing a filtering system. These systems are designed to remove contaminants such as lead and chlorine from your drinking water. Using a system that’s mounted to your kitchen taps or under the sink is a simple process.

Carbon-activated filters in a pitcher can also be used to remove water contaminants and can be kept on your kitchen countertop or in the refrigerator for easy access. However, be aware that carbon- activated filters for water use do expire. Find out when you need to replace them to ensure your drinking water is always safe for consumption.

3. Upgrade to a Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filters

The design of vacuums has come a long way and if you’re still using your ancient one from your student days it may be time to upgrade it! Look for a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter. Also known as high-efficiency particulate air filters, this feature helps to control smaller environmental contaminants found in carpets and other flooring covers.

Floors, especially those covered with carpets and rugs, are hosts to a range of contaminants such as pollen, bacteria and dust. HEPA filters help to capture these contaminants, keeping the home free of allergens.

4. Install an Air Purifying System

Air purifiers help to keep the indoor atmosphere free of allergens such as pollen, smoke and dust. Installing an air purifier with HEPA filters will give you peace of mind that most pollutants have been removed from your home.

The other health benefits of installing an air purifying system include:

  • Lower risk of asthma attacks.
  • Decreased levels of harmful chemicals such as those from cleaning materials as well as gases from traffic in the area.
  • Less exposure to airborne diseases caused by tiny pathogens in the air.
  • mproved sleep patterns.

Adding folding arm awnings melbourne this upgrade to your home will give you peace of mind you and other occupants will have cleaner, healthier air indoors. When picking an air purifier, be mindful of the type of filtration it uses and make sure it’s sufficient for removing contaminants efficiently.

5. Upgrade the Flooring

Carpets harbour a number of unpleasant contaminants. Upgrading to wood, cork, tile or linoleum flooring is a healthier option. Natural flooring materials contain no toxic agents such as phthalates and are easier to clean. And, linoleum can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

These floor covering options also collect less dust and debris than carpets. And, they’re less likely to absorb unpleasant odours from smoking, pet dander and cooking. The other health benefits of installing hardwood flooring include:

  • Microscopic parasites such as mites can’t get trapped.
  • Approved disinfectants can be used with a damp mop for quick and easy sterilisation.
  • Bacteria are less likely to accumulate.

Replacing carpets with more hygienic flooring covers gives your home an upgrade that is both healthy and aesthetically appealing.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your home healthy and safe for you and other occupants is easy to do with these upgrades. While some may be expensive to install, you’ll be saving on costly medical bills caused by indoor contaminants.

Healthy upgrades also add resale value to your home, making it more attractive to prospective buyers should you decide to sell. And, you can always enjoy being in your home knowing it’s the healthy and safe haven you need when escaping the hustle and bustle of work life! And that’s what a home should be!

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