5 tips for your next mattress purchase


Buying a mattress has always been viewed with mystique due to the general ignorance of everything that surrounds it and how these elements influence its price. This is due to the wide variety of materials and options that we have to choose from today.

In order to have a concrete idea of ​​what we have to look for when we go to buy our new mattress, we are going to see the 5 tips to buy a mattress that you must follow if you want to be an expert in mattresses and know which the best mattresses are for you.

First advice to buy a mattress: You

That’s right; you are the first thing we should start with. You must take into account all your personal characteristics (weight, height, if you are hot or cold …) to be able to find the firmness or material that a priori suits you best:

Your weight

There are four firmness (soft, medium, firm, and extra firm) that you have to take into account if you are overweight or weigh around 90 – 100 kg, buying a “firm” or “extra firm” mattress is the best option since it will distribute the pressure of your body better along with the mattress than one of less firmness. If you sleep on your back or move a lot at bedtime, this firmness will also come in handy. If you weigh less than this stretch, a medium firmness is the most recommended, even soft if you value more than the mattress is soft and soft.

Your height

In general, the best thing when buying your sleepeezee mattress is that you have 10 cm left from the end of your feet to the length of the mattress, so you will not have to adjust uncomfortably to a space that is not designed for you. Measure well the space where you are going to put your mattress to know in what range you can move. As for the width, 75 cm is usually enough, for two people it would be double (150 cm) as a standard reference. At lightsleeper we can make mattresses of special measures if you see that these measures or the existing ones do not suit you.

Your home

It is not the same to buy a mattress for your usual home as for your vacation or rental home. You can still have the best mattresses of the best quality, only that when you use less you can choose in a lower price range. At lightsleeper we have a whole line of rest equipment and accessories specifically designed for vacation apartments, rental flats, and hotels. In the mid-range, we can offer mattresses like those of our firms at a cheap price without giving up the comfort and convenience necessary for a good rest.

Your ailments

Back ailments or other injuries condition our sleeping posture and the perception of comfort that one material or another can give us. It is best to directly explain our situation in detail (if we have scoliosis, hernias, or another type of injury) to our mattress specialists. All of them are formed by renowned physiotherapists and they will know what type of material or composition of these is the most suitable for you.

Your sleeping postures

In principle, there is a basic premise, and that is that the worst posture for your back and a healthy rest is to sleep on your stomach, then, taking into account whether you sleep on your back or on your side, value the benefits of the different materials, but do not be overwhelmed, Your mattress specialists will help you choose the best material for you. As basic premises, a comment that a memory foam mattress will be the one that best suits your body, since being a thermo sensitive material, it adapts perfectly to the contour of your body without exerting pressure, as a spring mattress would. The choice of material also depends on whether you like the feeling that the mattress accommodates you more or if it is firmer on the contrary. There are other materials such as high resilience foams or HR (High Resilience), latex, spring with multiple characteristics. The range of materials is immense, in addition to the materials patented by the world’s leading brands, the original patent for memory foam. Currently, it is very interesting to know that there is already a Smart Bed, the mattress, completely customizable and adjustable through your Smartphone.

Your rest team

You have to know that your comfort does not only depend on the mattress, since the base or sofa, the pillow, but even the mattress covers and protectors also exert their influence on your rest. If the mattress is accompanied by personalized accessories to it, you will enjoy a unique comfort experience. In general, a base or sofa can offer extra space and firmness, pillows can give you ideal cervical support so that you are more comfortable and a mattress cover that relieves your temperature in summer will help you rest better in that season, among others many combinations. We also have mattress toppers or toppers in case you want to add a touch more memory foam and adaptability to any mattress.

Where do you live?

Perhaps it is one of the most important tips to buy a mattress. You have to bear in mind that in areas where it is more humid, spring or pocket spring mattresses are the ones that have the most perspiration capacity and therefore the ones that most prevent the appearance of humidity. The couches, bases, and bed bases are now designed with 3D fabrics that promote air circulation throughout the rest system, making it an option to take into account. If you live in a cold area, you have to know that the behavior of your mattress will be different; a memory foam mattress will be harder in the Basque Country than in Andalusia since with the southern heat it will be softer.

Trust our mattress specialists

As the last tip when buying a mattress, it is best not to try more than 5 mattresses, since our ability to remember the different levels of comfort of each one is limited and we can get confused. To “hit the shot” the best thing is that, following these tips, you get a concrete idea of ​​what you would like to try and explain your situation and preferences to our mattress specialists. They will reduce the options in our catalog to 2 or 3 ideal mattresses for you, advising you along the way according to all your doubts and recommending postures or habits to make the most of your new mattress. Explain your situation and preferences and you will see how you will find what you are looking for.

Finally, at lightsleeper we have ALL the leading brands in the world of rest at the best possible price, both in our physical stores and on our website. If you are guided by these tips and the advice of our mattress specialists, you will be able to find the best mattress for you with the greatest savings.

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