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5 Things You Can Do to Go Green With Your Home and Garden Designs

Eco-conscious homeowners are always looking for ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Finding ways to go green with your home and garden design is a good place to start. Thinking creatively will give you some great eco-friendly ideas when planning a home renovation or landscaping project.

Picking sustainable products is one way of turning your home into a “green” project. Also, when renovating your home, think about Velux skylight installation. Or, consider landscaping your garden using only waterwise plants or other methods for saving water.

Read on to discover a comprehensive list of some creative “green” ideas you can use for a sustainable home lifestyle.

5 Things You Can Do to Go Green with Your Home and Garden Design

1. Install Skylights

Installing skylights is a clever way of going green without any major infrastructural changes to your home. This product is also a great way of capturing daylight and bringing it inside. Using natural lighting in your home indoor space has also been proven to have many health benefits.

Skylights also prevent high monthly energy bills. You’ll rely less on artificial lighting during the day thanks to daylight streaming into your rooms from skylights. Modern designs also enhance the aesthetics of your home’s aesthetics, so you’re adding value to the property.

2. Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your rooftop is an alternative energy source for powering up water heaters, ventilation units and even solar-powered HVAC systems. Eco-conscious homeowners are installing solar panels to reduce the pressure on energy sources while decreasing the cost of electrical bills.

Using alternative energy sources such as solar panels also means you can live off the grid if you want to be independent. Do your homework and hire installers who are equipped to do the job properly before deciding to install solar panels. Solar panel installers also need to be accredited to perform the work so they meet the requirements of local standards.

3. Start Waterwise Gardening

Water-efficient gardens are becoming a necessity in a world facing climate change. Many countries have found their rainfall patterns changing, with less rain falling in most cases. This has an impact on the amount of water you can use on your residential property.

Eco-friendly homeowners are establishing waterwise gardens as a way to manage water resources wisely and in a sustainable manner. These methods can also be used to save water in your garden:

  • Incorporating windbreaks and shady areas in the garden to minimise water evaporation.
  • Managing the amount of water being used in your garden by installing an irrigation system.
  • Decreasing the amount of lawn space.
  • Mulching flowerbeds for better water retention.

Waterwise gardening is one of the best ways to go “green” in your garden design. By implementing these methods as well as planting waterwise plants, you’re doing your bit for the environment!

4. Install Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Installing a rainwater harvesting system on your residential property is another way of reducing pressure on water resources. There are many other benefits of installing a rainwater harvesting tank at home:

  • Reduced water bills at the end of every month.
  • Source of water for garden irrigation systems.
  • Flushing toilets and running washing machines without being on the grid.
  • Reduces soil erosion in your garden from water falling off roofs or pouring through gutters.

Rainwater harvesting tanks are cost-effective and easy to install. In some cases, it’s becoming mandatory for new homes to have rainwater harvesting tanks installed during construction. Always check with your local bylaws before using rainwater for domestic use.

Using a professional company to install your rainwater harvesting system ensures it can be used for both indoor applications as well as outdoors. Proper installation will also mean you’ll catch most of the rainwater so less of it goes to waste.

5. Take Advantage of Smart Technology

Green your home design by using appliances designed to use smart technology. One of the easiest ways to take advantage of this technology is to install air conditioning units that operate with programmable thermostats and remote-controlled settings.

The benefits of using HVAC units designed with advanced technology are numerous and include the following:

  • Setting temperatures for both heating and cooling in your home which help to save on energy costs.
  • Scheduling the HVAC to work around your daily routine for both week days and weekends, reducing the amount of time it’s on when you’re not at home.
  • Receiving reports on your energy consumption when using the HVAC.
  • Switching off the HVAC unit from another location when you’re not at home.

Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems reduce the pressure on the energy grid. And, it’s a cost-saving way to green your home design.

Final Thoughts

Implementing any of these “green” ideas in your home and garden design will go a long way to creating a sustainable lifestyle for eco-conscious homeowners. They’ll also add resale value to your residential property as more people search for eco-friendly houses. And, you’ll soon notice a decrease in your monthly energy and water bills, making you a winner all around!

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