5 Proven Ways to Lose Weight with Thyroid

I will lose 20kg weight this year, an essential of our new year resolutions. We have seen people struggling with weight loss and weight gain. Weight loss itself has become a trend.

Many people want to lose weight either to look good or to improve their health in general. No matter what’s your reason to lose weight it is still a good thing to do. Though weight loss, in general, can be a difficult thing to do, the struggle is even more problematic for people who are suffering from diseases like PCOS or thyroid.

Thyroid and Weight Loss

The more difficult it is, the more necessary it becomes. Management of diseases like PCOS and thyroid greatly depends upon body weight management. Even some doctors say that reducing 5-10% of your body weight can lead to self-management of these health problems. Anyone who is suffering from problems like these can surely understand the situation.

Talking about a similar incident, my sister was suffering from thyroid and it was quite difficult for her to continue her daily life activities due to thyroid. We took her to the best thyroid specialist in Islamabad. Her physician told her to control her body weight to recover fast and there begins her struggle with weight loss alongside thyroid. Accompanying her during this journey, left-handed me a great deal of knowledge regarding weight loss with thyroid.

Tips to Lose Weight with Thyroid

If you are also struggling with the same problem, then this article might be the perfect read for you. Here are some of the tips that can help you to lose weight with your thyroid.

1- No simple carbs

Carbs are important for our overall health. Being one of the major deriving sources for us, carbs are the major dietary group. There are many different types of carbs we consume daily. Among these carbs, complex carbs are relatively less harmful if consumed in moderation.

In contrast, simple carbs are not as safe as simple carbs and results in a sudden burst of energy in our body that raises our blood sugar level. So, if you want to lose weight with thyroid, it is recommended to consume complex carbs in limited amounts.

2- Move frequently

You can’t deny the importance of physical activity for any reason. Not only it supports our physical and mental health but is also good for disease management. This is the exact case with thyroid. So, to live well with thyroid, you need to put the effort into physical activity. Start with whatever activity you like and do it regularly to manage your disease. Doing the bare minimum can even protect you from the bigger troubles.

3- Track everything

Tracking is as important as doing. No matter if it’s about consuming the right food or doing physical activity, tracking is equally as important. No track can be your biggest mistake because it can hinder you from having a realistic idea of your overall health.

Track the food, track your workout, track everything you do or consume for monitoring your progress in real-time. For food tracking, you can maintain a food diary or use calorie counter apps and see what you are heading towards.

4- Sleep well

You might not believe sleep management is also important for your overall health and the management of the thyroid. Thyroid disease messes up your metabolism and you can try to recover it by working on your sleep schedule. When you don’t sleep well, this even messes up your health again. You can try working on your sleep schedule and if not possible then you can seek out help for better sleep hygiene.

5- Consume more water

Alongside all other things, water consumption is an effective way to work well in your metabolism. Palin water not only helps your digestive function but helps your body with metabolism. You can use reminder apps to keep your water consumption up. Further, you can add water-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet as well.

Bottom Line!

Thyroid malfunction is a common health problem and thousands of people suffer from this. The disease can make it difficult to live a normal life and can affect everyday functions to a greater extent. However, following all these tips can help you to love well with your thyroid. However, it is also important to visit your physician for proper treatment.

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