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5 Popular Bathroom Design Styles for 2022 – Bathroom Renovation Ideas 101

Bathrooms should be more than just practical; they should be a relaxing refuge where you can relax, indulge, and rejuvenate yourself. While interior design isn’t a natural interest for everyone, if you are feeling overwhelmed by just the thought of having to design and decorate your bathroom, you’ve come to the right place.

According to some design experts in the bathroom renovation field, here are the five most popular bathroom design styles for 2022, so you can discover precisely what bathroom style makes you most excited. While you read through, consider which styles best fit your personality, tastes, and lifestyle.

Plus, don’t forget you can combine elements of different styles to create a bespoke look that can’t be compared to anyone else! In reality, any style can be interpreted in various ways, so experimenting with multiple bathroom renovation ideas and switching up your bathroom area can be a lot of fun! For example, if you appreciate artsy warehouse influences from industrial styling with the occasional art deco embellishment, don’t be hesitant to go for it and let your imagination run wild.

1. Transitional Bathroom Design

Transitional bathrooms effortlessly straddle the traditional and contemporary design spectrums, with just enough detailing to appeal to fans of both styles. While there are components of traditional and contemporary styles in transitional bathrooms, they don’t stray too far.

Bathrooms in the transitional style have the following features:

  • Vanity in the Shaker style
  • Countertops, flooring, and wall treatments made of light-coloured stone, such as marble and quartz
  • Sink that is hidden beneath the counter
  • Subway tiles
  • Bathtubs on pedestals
  • Glass showers
  • Drum pendants, modernised chandeliers, and elegant wall sconces for lighting

Colour palette: Whether you choose cold or warm colours, the colours in a transitional bathroom are often gentle and subtle. Consider blue, brown, grey, or wood tones for a richer aesthetic.

2. Contemporary Bathroom Design

True, the term “contemporary” is ambiguous, but this bathroom design idea generally talks about a clean, uncluttered area that embraces the newest in technology, materials, and trends.

Straight lines, like minimalism, are a prominent element of modern bathrooms, and they may be found predominantly on the vanity, basin and mirror. On the other hand, modern bathroom designs are more adventurous with WOW pieces, while the bathrooms bones focus on minimalism. When it comes to modern design features, quality materials like porcelain, charcoal, dark timber, and marble are classics but don’t be shocked to see a splash of bright colour or greenery to freshen up the space.

Bathrooms in the contemporary style have the following features:

  • Elegant vanity
  • Faucets with a minimalist design
  • Shower enclosure made of glass
  • Tiles that make a statement
  • Slim mirrors
  • Digital shower controls and smart mirrors are examples of cutting-edge technology.

Colour scheme: In contemporary bathrooms, a black-and-white scheme is common, but any high-contrast colour scheme can work.

3. Art Deco and Vintage Bathroom Designs

Art deco bathroom design ideas centre around vibrant colours and intentional use of geometric shapes placed in precise symmetry. The goal here isn’t to overpower the environment with a roaring vintage vibe. Instead, speaking with an interior designer for expert suggestions on how to best touch up your floors and walls is a great way to be bold.

Bathrooms in the vintage bathroom style have the following features:

  • Gleaming mosaic tiles
  • Marble
  • Brass and copper tapware and accessories
  • Sunburst mirrors
  • Gold décor
  • Crawl foot bathtubs
  • Crystal light fittings

Colour scheme: While white and black contrasts are prominent in this design. You don’t have to stick to those colours; white and gold, green and gold, and red and silver are also popular. A vintage vibe can also be achieved using pure white or ivory white with delicate pastel accents. Consider gentle turquoise, pink, and blue, but keep colour in check in an all-white bathroom instead, use them solely as a splash of colour.

4. Escape and Beach-Style Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms in the coastal or beach style appear just like their namesake. Bathrooms in the beach design are light and airy, focusing on natural materials, coastal hues, and a relaxed, easy-going vibe. The main thing is to keep the ambience calm and breezy. Beach bathrooms can be traditional, contemporary, or anywhere in between.

Bathrooms with a beach theme have the following features:

  • Shower with a lot of space and a lot of colours
  • Pebble tile, worn wood, and mother-of-pearl are examples of textured elements.
  • Panelling on the walls
  • Wallpaper that makes a statement
  • Colours of the sea are used as accents.

Colour palette: To create a sense of place, beach bathrooms utilise colours influenced by the sand, sky, and sea. The peaceful colours of watery blue are employed to produce a sense of tranquilly, and the inspiration originates from the ocean and its surrounding beauty. The natural sandy tones and pastels should give the bathroom a burst of liveliness as soon as you walk in. The use of a white or light driftwood-coloured vanity and layered neutral tones helps bring the ocean’s art to life.

5. Industrial Bathroom Designs

Industrial-style bathrooms are straightforward, utilitarian environments inspired by factories and warehouses, where raw materials and durable fixtures and finishes take centre stage. Industrial bathrooms, which favour utilitarian, hard-wearing surfaces above surface embellishment, find beauty in the way things work rather than in surface ornamentation.

Bathrooms in an industrial style have the following characteristics:

  • Shower enclosure made of glass and steel
  • Concrete, stainless steel, brick, and cinder block are raw materials.
  • Sinks with a trough and a basin
  • Subway tile in white
  • Sliding doors that are quite large.
  • Pipes that are exposed, as well as gear-like hardware and faucets

Colour palette: In an industrial-style bathroom, the raw materials form the foundation, with a pop of vibrant colour thrown in for good measure.

Ready to Utilise One of These Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Your Home?

There are plenty of bathroom renovation tips and tricks to help you construct the best bathroom for your household. From the popular bathroom designs to styling ideas, start by looking for advice on making the most of your bathroom space or speaking with an expert bathroom designer. Such reputable bathroom design and construction companies can speak with you about how to construct your perfect bathroom, which may include some of these modern bathroom ideas.

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