4 Useful MP4 File Tips to Make Your Work Easy

MP4 video files are greatly used to store the best quality format in smaller sizes. Many professionals and students use MP4 files to save their favorite videos and images in high quality. People who are a fan of video games usually use this format due to its compatibility.

To enjoy better quality and to highlight your work in MP4 files, this article will suggest an amazing tool through which you can edit MP4 video, remove unwanted backgrounds from the images, and can also convert MP4 video to other formats.

Part 1: Why MP4 Videos are Popular?

MP4 files are one of the most popular file formats that are used to store images, videos, audio tracks, and subtitles. People also use this format for streaming videos on online platforms without interruption.

In MP4 format, every video or image file is saved in different codecs that make it lossless coding. Professionals like videographers use this format to save their data in high quality and securely. To make you understand better, here are some key benefits of the MP4 format:

  • Great Compression Rate: One of the biggest advantages of the MP4 format is that it does not take up much space in your device. It has the ability to save your data in a smaller size with fast processing speed.
  • Best Quality: Sometimes, while compressing the data, the video loses its quality. However, in MP4 files, you can get the best quality of video and audio tracks saved in a smaller size.
  • Great compatibility: The big reason behind the popularity of MP4 files is that it supports all the operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Ideal for Portable Devices: As the MP4 file format is highly compatible, you can enjoy watching videos on mobile phones, tablets, and iPhones. Also, it can be streamed on various online platforms smoothly.
  • Compatible with Metadata: The files that contain 3D illustrations, images, and interactive features are also supported by MP4 files.

Part 2: 4 Useful MP4 Tips that Can Help You

In this section, we will provide you with 4 easy tips to highlight MP4 files by editing, cropping, and converting them to other formats with the help of Wondershare UniConverter. This is an amazing video converter and editor that can be used for various purposes of video editing. You can find all the advanced features that many professionals use to highlight their videos. Let’s dig into the details:

Tip 1: How to Remove Background from MP4 Easily

The background is an essential element in videos to make them vibrant and attractive. If you want to remove unwanted background from MP4 videos, UniConverter is the best option. This software comprises of AI Portrait feature that can effectively target your background in an MP4 video.

Just through a few clicks, you can remove the background and can add a new one. To remove image background, the steps are:

Step 1: Select AI Portrait

Begin with launching Wondershare UniConverter on your computer. After opening its interface, select “AI Portrait” from the “Toolbox” to activate it.

Step 2: Remove Background

On the displayed window, click on “Add Files” to import the video. Once done, the tool will automatically remove the background.

Step 3: Export Video

After removing the background, you can also add new backgrounds to the video from the available options. Click on “Apply to all” to add new background and select the output folder. Now tap on “Export” to save the video.

Tips 2: How to Crop MP4 on Windows/ Mac/ Online/ Free

Through cropping, you can adjust the frame of the video and can remove unwanted objects from the video. Through this tool, you can either make the subject of the video smaller or larger according to your choice.

Steps to Crop Video on UniConverter Windows/ Mac

Step 1: Select Video Editor

Open Unicoverter on your computer after installing it and click on “Video editor” from the side panel.

Step 2: Crop the Video

From the video editor window, tap on “Crop” to begin the process. Import the video by clicking on the “Add Files” option. Once the video gets imported, you can crop the video by using the arrows. The crop area size of this tool depends upon the video resolution. Also, you can align it to the center.

Step 3: Save the Video

Once you are done with editing, click on “OK” and tap on “Save” to save the video.

Steps to Crop Video Online Using Online UniConverter

Step 1: Import the Video

To crop the video online, open the online version of UniConverter and navigate to the “Online Tool” option. Then, select the option of “Crop” and tap on “Choose Files” to import the video.

Step 2: Set the Crop Dimensions

Now you can either give crop dimensions or can crop them with the help of a mouse. Select the output format and tap on “Start” to initiate the crop video process.

Tip 3: Extract Audio from MP4 Easily

If you want to use an audio track only, you can extract the audio from an MP4 video file. UniConverter has a feature to convert video files into audio files instantly. You can select the audio format of your choice and can also choose the audio quality. To convert MP4 video, the steps are:

Step 1: Select Converter Tool

Open the user interface of UniConverter and choose “Converter” from the left panel. Tap on the “Add Files” button and import the MP4 video to the tool.

Step 2: Select Output Format

Now go to the option of “Output format” and select the category of “Audio” Choose the audio quality and format from the given options.

Step 3: Initiate Audio Extraction

Once modifying the audio format and quality, click on “Convert” to begin the conversion. After the conversion, you will see a pop-up message of “Success” depicting that your file has been converted.

Tip 4: Speed Up MP4 or Slow Down MP4 Video

UniConverter is also capable of changing the speed of MP4 video with its speed changer; you can adjust the slowest speed up to 0.25x and can increase the speed up to 3x. With a few clicks, you can get the video file at your desired speed.

Step 1: Select the Speed Feature

Start with running Wondershare UniConverter on your PC and navigate to the “Video Editor” option from the side panel. On the displayed window, select the “Speed” option and import the video file for the adjustment.

Step 2: Select the Speed Ranges

Now apply the playback speed to your imported video. You can also check the result from the output preview window given below. You can also change the playback speed in a batch, and by clicking on “Apply to all,” you can get the desired result.

Step 3: Download the Video

Click on “OK” to save the changes and then tap on the “Start All” button to save the speed edited videos on your device.


A flawless MP4 video cannot be made until you try each feature of the video editor to achieve perfection. So in order to achieve perfection, use the above-mentioned instructions to edit MP4 video with great precisions and accuracy.

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