10 Essential Steps You Should Follow To Build A Gaming PC

Are longing for building an ultimate gaming PC according to your desire. Are you really eager to build your own building? Nothing to worry about. In this guide, we going to provide you with the complete solution you need to follow to build an excellent gaming PC.

If you are a hardcore gaming person building your own gaming PC can suffice you the best because the pre-built ones will fail to satisfy your demands. This effective guide on how to build a fantastic gaming PC will assist you in every way.

The Important Things You Should Follow when it comes to gaming pc bundle are Given Below:

  1. Your Processor
  2. Motherboard
  3. Graphics Card
  4. Select The Perfect RAM
  5. The Powerful Cooling Solution
  6. Choose Your Storage
  7. The Best PSU
  8. Your Screen
  9. Choose The PC Case
  • Do Not Overlook The Peripherals

1. Choose Your Processor

Generally the processor is considered as the brain of any PC that controls the speed of your other components. Between Intel and AMD processors you can go for your building process with anyone of these two. In comparison to Intel processors, AMD is much cheaper and able to provide excellent performance. On the other hand, if you desire for high-end quality you can choose a processor from Intel that can meet your expectations at your desired level. As you are building a gaming PC you should pay attention to the minimum specifications that standard for playing different types of latest games.

Choose Your Motherboard

While the processor is considered as the brain of any PC, the motherboard is regarded as the centre of any PC. After determining your processor the next step you will have to make is to select a motherboard that can cope with all the other components. The most important thing you will have to keep in mind before choosing a motherboard is whether your motherboard is compatible with all the components.

3. Choose Your Graphics Card

The graphic plays the most vital role in building a gaming PC as it helps you to enjoy the discrete display while gaming. In choosing a graphics card, you should check first whether it is compatible with your processor. At present AMD and Nvidia are the latest and popular brands recommended for building gaming PCs of extreme level. Without a top-notch graphics card you will never enjoy an ultimate gaming as the performance of your display depends on it. So, in choosing graphics card you must pay maximum attention so that you can build a perfect gaming PC.

4. Select The Perfect RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM), is an integrated temporary memory of any PC. When you need to multitask, RAM plays an important role to make your task more smooth and faster. In most cases, the minimum RAM recommended for gaming PCs is 4 GB. But when you want to build a high-end gaming PC, the size of your RAM must be bigger otherwise, you will fail to get the maximum satisfaction while gaming. In this regard, our recommendation for you to take a minimum 8 GB of RAM.

5. Choose The Powerful Cooling Solution

Cooling solution is one of the most significant core components of any PC. At present manufacturers are producing two main types of cooling solutions: air cooling and water cooling. Basically, due to running heavy files and applications, gaming PCs get much heated and if there is lack of a suitable cooling solution it may harm your entire system.

Between these two types of cooling systems wate cooling is much more dependable than air cooling.

If you want to be more precise, you can choose whether you want to use an air cooling system , usually simple to install, efficient and quiet, or if you are going for a liquid cooling system , where the a small circuit (filled with refrigerant) captures the heat generated by the CPU and transfers it to a large fan responsible for spreading it outside. Liquid cooling is generally better than turret cooling, however this system is more difficult to install and often even cheaper.

6. Choose Your Storage

As the massive memory of a gaming PC, that is, the peripherals on which the data is stored, can focus on a «hybrid» system characterized by simultaneously having a fast storage unit (which is a SSD or M.2 ) to install the OS and programs, including games, and from a classic unit ( mechanical disc or hard drive ) to guard the largest data and files.

This is because, as a general rule, solid state drives offer a speed of communication with the processor and RAM that is better than that offered by a mechanical disk, however, for the same space, they are more cheaper than the latter (the most convenient reduction in economic terms, when I wrote this guide, they had between 120 and 500 GB).

7. Choose The Best PSU

PSU or power supply unit, is the piece of hardware that manages the electrical energy that will be shared with the motherboard and all other PC peripherals. It should be enough to power the CPU, the discrete video card (I’ll talk about this in the next section) and everything that eventually connects to all the other ports and slots of the PC and should be covered, even better if there is a sufficient margin of «prosperity», all the energy needs of the PC.

8. Choose Your Screen

You can choose to focus on a standard HD resolution monitor, with dimensions of at least 24 inches or on a monitor capable of supporting 4K Resolution and which is at least large 30 inches. The other important parameters to consider are the refresh rate that should be high enough so as not to see the annoying wake up effect in most animated games, and the delay of entry that is, the delay in between data processing and the actual display on the screen, which must be less than 5 ms (Milliseconds).

9. Choose The PC Case

PC case is obviously an important thing to consider while building a gaming PC. A good PC case is similar to a fence that protects the garden from the attack of the cattle. You must choose a quality PC case that can render your PC an aesthetic beauty.

10. Do Not Overlook The Peripherals

As you are going to build a gaming PC every part is essential. As in gaming, you must need the most effective peripherals, including a mouse, keyboard, sound system etc. However, some peripherals are better suited to gaming than others and provide more performance and convenience.

FAQ And Answer:

Is building a gaming PC better than buying a pre-built one?

Building a PC is always preferable to buying a pre-built one. Building a PC of your own suggests that you are just putting your dream together. So, the experts always recommend building a gaming PC rather than purchasing a pre-built one.

How much will a decent gaming PC cost?

A decent gaming PC will cost $500 to $1000, which can suffice your needs and demands accordingly. And gaming PCs in this budget can play the most modern games at HD/1080p and good graphic. If you need more excellent performance, you should go for high-end gaming PCs above $1000 that comes with more powerful & best CPU and graphics cards. You can visit this vanguard cheats to know about it.

Can we build a gaming pc with PC Konfiguurator?

Yes, We can build a gaming pc with PC Konfiguurator. PC konfigurator are becoming more and more popular every day. If you are a beginner and want to buy or build a PC, you must have a minimum knowledge of the PC konfigurator. In short, a computer configuration is a combination of hardware, software and firmware which exist in these tools. From PC Konfigurator you can build your computer on your own niche and budget.


Building a gaming computer is an expensive task so while selecting the components you must be careful. Sufficient carefulness, in every step of selecting core components, can help you build a powerful gaming PC. In this guide, we have depicted the important things clearly so that you can have a gaming PC according to your desire.

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