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What’s More Effective? Email Marketing or Direct Mail Marketing?

As a business, you probably don’t have time this year to implement every single strategy suggested by experts. For example, you don’t have time for email marketing, direct mail marketing, paid ads, social media, video marketing, influencer marketing, and many other techniques.

While on this note, the first tip if you’re struggling to balance all your marketing efforts is to work with a digital marketing agency. For example, you’ll find all sorts of help with online marketing from King Kong. You keep what you want to manage, pass the rest onto an agency, and you’ll implement all the strategies that add value without needing to work through the night.

However, back to the topic at hand, what if you don’t know whether to utilise direct mail marketing or email marketing?

Email Marketing

Dealing with email marketing first, this technique is making a revival as consumers have more control over their inboxes now than before. With GDPR and other privacy regulations, consumers no longer get unsolicited emails which means that they’re happier to give their addresses to those who deserve it. If a consumer has given you their email address, this is permission to send high-quality, relevant content.

According to HubSpot, companies using a segmented approach enjoy a revenue boost of up to 760%. What’s more, over the last 12 months, around four in five marketers have spotted an increase in engagement with email campaigns. What’s more, those with an audience of Baby Boomers should choose this technique because nearly three-quarters of people think that email is the most personal communication method.

Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re considering direct mail marketing, you need to be sure that this is right for your audience. As you’ve probably guessed, the answer to the question posed in the title depends on the business. While some are better off choosing direct mail marketing, others find more value in email marketing. Naturally, there’s more risk involved with the former because it requires a higher initial investment.

Like email marketing, many people assume that direct mail marketing is dead as a marketing technique, but this isn’t necessarily the case. As the world goes ever more digital, some consumers appreciate the more traditional approach of physical reading material.

Here are some of the benefits of direct mail marketing:

  • Nearly two-thirds of all direct mail is read before going into the trash.
  • Of all those who start reading, around 80% do so for longer than one minute.
  • It gets your name into the local community.
  • You can include coupons and discount vouchers to get people into your store.

Choosing a Side

Well, the truth is that you don’t always need to choose a side. Instead, you need to consider the potential ROI of both strategies. If email marketing adds value to the business, include it in the wider digital marketing strategy. If direct mail marketing adds value to the business, include it in the marketing strategy.

In terms of raw performance, direct mail tends to have an average life of 17 days while emails last just two seconds. Yet, this isn’t the biggest indicator of performance. In terms of sheer ROI, direct mail tends to bring in $7 per dollar invested while email marketing can climb up to (and beyond) $35 per dollar invested.

This being said, you need to pay attention to your audience, your existing strategy, and various other factors. Remember, digital marketing agencies exist to relieve pressure from your team. Perhaps an agency can implement your email strategy while you focus on direct mail?

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