The best ways to sell your car or van

There are very few aspects of modern life that haven’t been changed by our increasing reliance on the web, computers, and new technology – but it could easily be argued few industries have been more shaken up by tech than the car sales market.

Where once buyers and sellers were largely limited to the dealerships that existed on their doorstep, the web has massively expanded the range and choice of available options – both from a buying and selling perspective.

If you’re looking for ways to offload your previous vehicle quickly, easily and at the best price possible, below are just a few ideas.

Sell at auction (including real-world and online auctions)

Selling at auction could be one of the easiest and quickest ways to sell your old car – plus give you the advantage of competing parties all bidding for your vehicle. While this might result in a little less control from your point of view if there is sufficient interest in your car and enough interested bidders, you may well end up commanding a higher selling price than any other option noted below.

Sell directly to a dealership

While the web is undoubtedly transforming the car market, contacting a real-world van or car dealership could prove the quickest and easiest choice when it comes to selling. Finding a dealer located close to you or online, for example, sell my car Essex could be a fast track to getting your vehicle sold. The biggest advantage of going this route is you’ll have considerably more control over the bartering process – meaning you could manage to get a higher price.

Advertise, market, and sell your vehicle privately

Depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into selling your vehicle, taking a more DIY approach could yield significant rewards. For a start, you’ll eliminate any selling fees/commissions charged by an agent, but you’ll also be able to pick and choose who you sell to. Note – you will still normally have to pay some advertising fees unless you use the likes of Facebook Marketplace.

Sell to a specialist website vehicle trader

The web and connected technologies have seen massive growth in online-only car and van trader websites that will give you an instant evaluation of your vehicle and will, in most cases, come and collect it. Using an online website is probably the quickest way to sell a vehicle – though you should be warned to check the price offered among multiple dealers.

Part-exchange with a dealership

You’re selling an old vehicle – you need a new vehicle – it should almost go without saying that one of the quickest ways of doing both is to use your old car or van as part payment towards its replacement. One of the greatest advantages of going this route is you’ll automatically and instantly drive away with a new vehicle without the potential delays and hassles of buying and selling in two stages. All the other options noted above may result in delays and being without transport until you find a replacement. In a part-exchange sale, you simply drive onto the forecourt with your old vehicle, agree on the buying and selling prices, then drive away again your new car.

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