Regular Napkin vs Bamboo Sanitary Napkins

Eating healthy foods, drinking green smoothies and doing regular exercise is not only enough to maintain healthy lifestyle. Your napkin plays major role in maintaining healthy lifestyle.

So here are some important factors you should consider before choosing napkin

  1. Sanitary Napkin cause cancer : Sanitary napkin made up of plastic material like BPA and BPS and chemical contaminants. Cancerous chemicals present in sanitary napkin stays in vagina which may cause cancer. Dioxin present in Sanitary napkin can cause ovarian cancer. Fiber in sanitary napkin can cause cervical cancer. Furan in cotton can cause cancer. Bamboo Sanitary Napkin are plastic free napkin. Bamboo sanitary napkin are safer and environment friendly.
  2. Sanitary Napkin cause infertility and thyroid : Sanitary napkin made up of cotton. Cotton is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Herbicides and pesticides will cause

Thyroid, infertility and other health problems.

  1. Sanitary Napkin cause immune system damage, diabetes and altered liver function : Cotton are usually not white in color. But many women think white color napkins are clean and fresh. So Companies use chemical like dioxtin to bleach cotton. When Dioxtin accumulates in body cause serious health issue like diabetes, immune system damage, pelvic inflammatory disease and Urinary tract infection. Bamboo sanitary napkin has no chemicals and free from toxins
  2. Sanitary Napkin cause infertility and birth defects : As all women hates the smell of blood. So all Sanitary napkin has some chemical that cause damage in baby’s embryonic development and yeast infection which leads to other health complications.
  3. Sanitary Napkin cause Bacterial infection : Prolonged usage of Sanitary napkin cause overgrowth of bacterial in your vagina. Toxin released by bacteria drop blood pressure level and brain fails to get enough blood supply. Bamboo sanitary extract napkin are considered as safer and more comfortable to use.

Benefits of bamboo Sanitary napkin :

  • Bamboo sanitary napkin are free from Dioxins, parabens, chlorine, fragrance and latex.
  • Bamboo sanitary napkin absorbent layers are kept you safe from leaking and keep you fresh.
  • Bamboo sanitary napkin are free from toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals.
  • Multiple layers of Bamboo sanitary napkin reduce moisture and wetness.
  • Bamboo sanitary napkin are high resistant to bacteria and any infection.

Choose your napkin wisely.

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