Question to test your compatibility with your partner

It is essential to know how much your partner understands you. If you are not sure about it, then rack your brain and have a cup of tea to set the questionnaire to know how much they know you. You may never be sure about how well you know your partner in life. Especially when you are getting arranged marriage from UK matrimonial sites, as you both are strangers and hardly met each other, it is difficult to know well earlier. It never matters if you have spent days or years as a couple. The sour reality is that you may never be too sure about the performance while answering questions.

List of questions to check the compatibility

We have come up with a list of some mindfully picked questions that could help anyone to determine whether your partner knows you or not. Never be scared of the outcome. There is something extraordinary in everything we do, if you know your partner well, then you are sure you have reached an aspirational level of intimacy. If you are unsure, view it from its positive side as it helps to uncover a newer side of your relationship. You get to know where your relationship stands.

Let us check now how well you and your partner know each other

If you are opting for an arranged marriage from Indian American matrimonial site, this is the fact you do not know your partner from childhood.

  1. Her favourite childhood memory is anyone’s childhood is the most memorable time. Its memories often define the things and people close to the person. If you know your partner well and vice-a-versa for her, knowing their best childhood memory shows that you understand them on a deeper level.
  2. Which parent your partner resembles the most: no one is the same in the world, but everyone has some resemblance with their parents; usually, people adopt some particular habits and traits from their parents. Your answer will determine whom to call for help next time to discover a quirky pattern of your partner.
  3. Does your partner enjoy family gatherings: if you are well aware of your partner’s family, you who to answer. Their love for the family could help you understand if the partner is distant from the family.
  4. Does your partner have any previous serious relationship: past experiences do not determine the future. But it undoubtedly plays an essential role in shaping the future. Knowing the number of people your partner has relations with shows how well you know her.
  5. Does your partner feel jealous very often: normal humans get jealous and insecure quickly, but knowing how often your partner goes to these emotions is essential. The answer would show if you could correctly identify the partner’s emotional responses to real-life incidents.
  6. What does your partner hate the most: knowing what your partner hates to do the most is necessary and shows how well you know her in life.
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