How Long Does PCP Stay In The System?

The amount of time that a drug stays in the body depends on individual factors. Additionally, the dosage of the drug, the individual’s metabolic rate, and the drug’s half-life all influence how long it will stay in one’s system. The level of physical activity one receives regularly also affects the duration.

Regarding Phencyclidine (PCP), the half-life is around seven to forty-six hours. The drug has an estimated half-life within the body of about 21 hours. A half-life refers to the time it takes for a substance to break down by half of the original concentration.

PCP can be taken in pill, tablet, liquid, and powder form. How PCP is taken will influence how long it stays in the body. For example, when inhaled, the warming eliminates some chemicals faster than if it were to be taken orally. For more information on the answer to “how long does PCP stay in system,” continue reading.

Defining PCP As A Drug

PCP is a severe drug that alters the mind, impacts the spinal cord, and affects the brain. Taking this drug affects emotions, behaviors, and perception. One can experience delusions, dissociation, and other sensory disruptions as this drug belongs to the hallucinogen class.

Average Timeframes That Answer, “how long does PCP stay in system?”

There are various drug testing methods used to detect the presence of PCP. When you ask, “how long does PCP stay in system?” know that the length of time varies. However, general estimations have been determined for the presence of PCP in urine, blood, hair, and saliva.

In urine, PCP can be detected 4-6 hours after the last dose and up to 7-14 days after. In blood, PCP can be detected 1-4 hours immediately after use. In hair, PCP can be found 5-10 days following the first dose and a maximum of three months after it was used last. When you search “how long does PCP stay in system,” you’ll find that PCP can be detected in saliva five to ten minutes after a dose and up to three days after.

Factors Influencing The Duration That PCP Remains In The Body

Another consideration that may change the answer to “how long does PCP stay in system?” is how the body interacts with the type of drug that is taken. As a fat-soluble drug, PCP can be retained in fatty tissue, increasing the half-life by 72 hours. If the user takes an average dose of PCP, half of the substance will take around 1.5-10 days to be eradicated from the bloodstream. Additional individual factors influence the answer to “how long does PCP stay in system?”

These factors include:

  • how often the drug was taken
  • when it was taken
  • the normal amount taken
  • muscle mass
  • functioning of kidneys and liver
  • gender
  • heredity
  • urine alkalinity

Seeking Professional Help

If you are struggling with PCP or another kind of drug addiction, it is critical that you seek professional help. With the right tools and inventions, you can recover and restore yourself to health.

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