How Addiction is affecting the Youth of America.

Addiction is quickly becoming a major problem for the country and unless a solution is reached the future of the country appears to be bleak. Addiction and other expenses related to addiction cost the American government about 230 billion dollars. This amount is nearly 9 % of the total budget of the country. This money is spent to deal with the aftermath of addiction as well as stopping the sale and manufacture of drugs and rehabilitation of the addicts. A sad fact is that a large amount of this money is spent on cleaning up addiction rather than treating and helping the people caught in addiction. A recent study found that nearly 21 million of the American population had at one point in their life had abused a drug. Many these became frequent users of these drugs. The danger here is that many the addict population belongs to the college and university-going age group. These youngsters are the medium that has brought the recent rise in the number of addicts in the country.

The youth is often targeted by the suppliers of drugs because of their naivety. They are easy targets for these people. In some cases, they are even recruited so that they can sell the drugs on campus to other students. This way the dealers can reach a market which they cannot access by themselves.


Youngsters are easily swayed, and it is very common to find that people follow trends that are prevalent in a social group. It is easy to imagine a scenario where a person, who had no interest in doing drugs before, tries drugs to fit in with the group. Such youngsters are also swayed by the phenomenon known as F.O.M.O. or the fear of missing out. Many youngsters that go to university or colleges experience freedom probably for the first time. They do not have some authority figure to monitor them, so they want to experience everything at least once. However, some drugs only need one voluntary dose before the addiction starts to set in. The nightlife and sorority make the situation worse.

Many students also take drugs to boost their academic performance. Drugs like Adderall are taken by students so that they can stay up all night to study or finish assignments and projects etc. The reason behind this is the extremely competitive nature of education and then the job market. The situation is made worse when the unrealistic expectations of parents and teachers are added to the mix. Teens in the US are going through a mental health crisis which is pushing them to drug and alcohol abuse. If you think you might know a teen that is suffering from mental health issues and addiction consider sending them to a mental health and addiction treatment center in Phoenix.

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction it is very important to act now. The sooner an addiction is treated the better the odds of the addict making a full recovery after their addiction. The longer one waits the stronger their addiction becomes. As time passes the addict becomes surer of their addiction. Substance abuse becomes an important part of their day, and they feel incomplete without it. At this stage, it is very hard to even convince the addict to accept a rehab session. Youngsters are especially in danger here since an addiction picked up in their early days can quickly become a burden which they are forced to bear for a lifetime. Care should be taken that you or your loved one does not reach this stage. The best way to get rid of get rid of heroin addiction is to go for a rehab session. Rehab ensures that the addict has the best chance possible, given the circumstances, to have a full recovery. So it is very important to get yourself or your loved one to a rehab center. You should find more info and make your decision today.

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