Get to Know the Five Types of Lawn Mowers


Lawnmowers can be classified into many different types established on different criteria. You will find so many mowers for sale in Kenya that choosing the suitable for your work can be confusing. First what you need to have in mind is what can guide you on the type of lawnmower you need to choose based on the size of the ground you need to be worked on. Here are some different types of mowers based on the mode of operation.

Ride-on lawnmowers

These lawnmowers are developed small tractors with steering supervisions and a driver’s seat. These lawnmowers are good for people with back problems and also professionals that have to mow a wide piece of land. The quantity and selection of your ride-on lawnmower is remarkably a budget-related choice. The distinction between expensive mowers and cheap mowers are fabricated decks, hence a cheaper press metal deck ride-on mower flexes and wears out quickly compared with the fabricated ride-on deck mowers.

Robotic lawnmower

The lawnmower is capable of moving without any supervision. You only need to adjust and set up the guiding border wire and allow the mower to work on its own. It cuts the specifications on the ground while encompassed inside the boundary wires. This type of mower is not common to all but their commodity is heightening especially the price of lawn mower in Kenya is more costly compared with those that require supervision.

Walk-behind mowers

These types of mowers are most common across the country because of their power and versatility. The price of lawn mower in Kenya especially for walk behind mower is much affordable and requires common skills to operate. This type of mower is powered by either electric or fuels where diesel and petrol powered mowers are most preferred as they are capable of working where there is no electric power.

Cylinder lawn mowers

Cylinder mowers possess cylindrical blades that revolve vertically at the front of the mower. This type of lawnmower is the nicest for flat lawns that you need to keep short. A cylindrical lawnmower has a grass box that is attached to the mower and assembles the grass clippings as you mow.  Cylindrical mowers can be either fuel-powered or electric mowers.

Rotary lawn mowers

This type of lawn mower has one bland that revolves horizontally underneath the mower. Rotary lawn mowers are most versatile and capable to cope with most types of grass which makes them better at cutting longer and rougher grasses. A rotary mower may be electric, battery, or petrol engine.


There is a wide range of mowers on the market. However, mowers can lack the power of others but, the convenience factor may make it worthwhile for the suitability of the task to be done.

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