Flat Feet – Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

Individuals with flat feet usually have no arch or a low arch, which means one or both the feet remain flat on the ground. Flat feet affect the body alignment while the person is walking, running or standing. This leads to pain in the knees, hips, and ankles. In such cases, you need to visit a good podiatrist for the right kind of flat feet treatment.

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Types of flat feet

There are two types of flat feet conditions:

Flexible flat feet

This condition is commonly found in children. On standing, the foot arch disappears but when seated or walking on toes, the arch gets visible again.

Rigid flat feet

A person with a rigid flat foot will not have an arch even while standing. Children can get affected by this condition and might develop in adults.

Symptoms of flat foot

The common symptom is a pain in the feet that occurs due to strained muscles and ligaments. This further causes abnormal stress on the ankle, hips, knees, calf, lower back, lower legs resulting in joint pains.

Flat foot causes uneven body weight distribution which results in wearing down of shoes especially, on one side. This can cause further injuries and you may find difficulties in walking or running.

How is it diagnosed?

Your podiatrist Irvine will diagnose the low arches and examine your feet while walking and standing. You will be asked to stand on your tip toes for the podiatrist to examine the shape and performance of the feet.


You might need flat feet treatment if it starts giving you pain and discomfort. Well-fitted, supportive shoes are recommended to wear. Wearing extra wide fitting shoes might also provide relief.

Some bones in children do not develop properly which can result in flat feet problem that continues till adulthood. However, your Irvine podiatrist will recommend foot orthotics and inserting a wedge into the footwear that should provide relief from some pressure and load that the body places on the tendons.

Things to know about flat feet

  • Kids can get flat feet but it usually gets normal as they grow so, they need no treatment.
  • Adults develop flat feet due to an underlying condition that might be affecting their feet.
  • Flat feet can be treated if they cause discomfort or pain in any other part of the body.
  • Simple devices or exercises can help in minimizing the discomfort.

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