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Dominica Economic Citizenship

The Dominica nationality program allows individuals and their families from all countries to legally and permanently obtain a second nationality and a second just four to six months without any travel within the country. This Caribbean country enjoys an excellent international reputation, and as a result, the Commonwealth of Dominica Passport provides free visa or free entry visa to over 115 countries around the world including the all the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Singapore, Russia and Hong Kong. The program for obtaining Dominican nationality through investment is at the heart of the law, and since a local law does not establish restrictions on dual nationality; obtaining dual citizenship through investment is a confidential process that does not require the person to relinquish their original nationality. We are offering Dominica passport visa free countries and giving a lot of opportunities if want to take these opportunities than click on the highlighted link and visit on our official website. 

In addition to not being required to physically reside in the country, the Dominica Commonwealth Citizenship Program does not include any restrictions in terms of language, age, work experience or level studies, and no compulsory interview. This economically secure country with a parliamentary democracy enjoys one of the best living standards in the Caribbean, with no tax arrangements for non-residents, boasts the lowest crime rate in the geographic area, and unquestionably l one of the most beautiful natural places in the world with its lush green mountains, countless rivers and unspoiled waterfalls as well as its breathtaking white and black sand beaches. Above all, The Commonwealth of Dominica offers the world’s cheapest investment citizenship program with a second passport. Investors from Congo, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Niger, Mali, Haiti, Rwanda, Chad, Burundi, Guinea, Benin, Togo and Gabon are all invited to apply.

Eligibility for the Dominica Investment Program

The Dominica Constitution and Amendment 20 (1) of the Nationality Act the Investor Program, legally issuing a Certificate of Naturalization thereby granting immediate nationality of the country to any eligible person. The Dominica Investment Naturalization Office (CBIU), a government department recently attached to the Ministry of Finance, enforces all legislation relating to the passport issuance program and is the regulatory body which guarantees the acceptance of files from deserving candidates only. To be eligible for the Dominica Nationality Award program, the principal applicant must be over 18 years of age and must meet the

The advantages of dual Dominica citizenship (dual Dominica citizenship)

One of the first reasons people buy a dual passport is that they want to break free from the constraints of having a single country. It is advisable to diversify financial investments in various markets, various asset classes and industrial sectors, and yet many people do not develop their risk policy beyond their current scope. A second passport offers both economic and political diversity, and is the ultimate emergency relief plan.  

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