Are Lab-Created Diamonds Worth Buying?

Everyone in the world is fascinated with the shine and beauty of diamonds. However, not everyone can afford this luxury. Therefore in recent times, you must have observed that there have been many alternatives to natural diamonds in the market? Yes, they are called by different names such as artificial diamonds, fake diamonds, lab grown diamonds, man-made diamonds, or synthetic diamonds. 

It is okay to have questions about how synthetic diamonds or lab diamonds are made and different from natural diamonds. Well, if you are looking out for answers to these questions, you are at the right place. This article covers all the necessary details to help you understand everything about artificial diamonds. So, without further ado, scroll down to learn more. 

How are natural diamonds found? 

Natural diamonds are formed from carbon. They are the hardest substance you can find on the planet. The process of diamond formation is prolonged. It takes years to centuries for carbon to transform into diamonds. Almost 85 miles below the earth’s mantle, the transformation of carbon to diamonds begins. And gradually, it travels through the molten rocks and reaches the earth’s surface. It then gets mined, refined, and designed to create stunning jewellery pieces. 

How are man-made diamonds different from natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are produced under similar circumstances as natural diamonds. To make diamonds, carbon is put under a lot of pressure and heat to create diamonds. Scientists select a diamond seed that is ready to be in extreme conditions. The entire process takes a few weeks until the diamond is prepared. Once the diamond seed transforms into a crystal form, it is polished and cut to make beautiful diamond jewellery. Lab-grown diamonds contain the same chemical compound and properties similar to a natural diamond. They look exactly like natural diamonds but lower cost than original diamonds. 

How are artificial diamonds different from synthetic diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are different from lab-grown diamonds. Diamonds grown in labs are similar to natural diamonds in identity and properties. However, synthetic diamonds are not the same as man-made diamonds. They are an alternative to natural and lab diamonds. And also are very poor in quality.

 Benefits of buying lab-created diamonds.

With many options available in the market, it can be pretty challenging for anyone to choose which product to purchase or not. The desire to buy diamonds is everyone, but affording natural diamonds can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, if you are looking for many affordable options but want the same texture and properties as a natural diamond, you can pick man-made diamonds over natural diamonds. Below are a few benefits listed that you must consider before buying lab-created diamonds. 

  1. By choosing lab-created diamonds, you are picking to save the environment. Diamonds from the lab pass through fewer procedures and fewer hands. You will have complete transparency about the diamond creation process. 
  2. The supply chain of man-made diamonds is smaller, and thus, the end cost of the product is lower than the cost of natural diamonds.
  3. The scientist constantly observes the growth of diamond seeds in the lab. The duration of growing diamonds in a lab is much faster than that of natural diamonds. The process involved to get the outcome is pretty much the same, and you also get identical results that everyone loves. 
  4. Lab-created diamonds are approved by the Gemological Institute of America, which is genuinely worth the investment. 

So, will you now consider buying man-made diamonds transformed in the best designs? Give it a thought and look for the best online store to get stunning diamond jewellery. 


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