10 Questions to ask when buying a wedding ring

If you’ve recently got engaged or may have been engaged for a while and are now planning the most important day of your lives. I got married nearly ten years ago now. My wedding ring in fact, is very personalised to me, it has a message from my father-in-law that he wrote.

If you have a platinum engagement ring then it’s more than likely that you’re going to need

to choose a platinum wedding ring. It really is what you do for a living and how much you’re used to having a ring on your finger.

Platinum’s a very heavy metal but also very hard wearing. So if you prefer something lighter but hard wearing you could go for palladium, that’s a slightly grayer color to the platinum color itself.

If you’re not someone that wears it very often then gold might be more suitable for you or if you’re gonna consider wearing it on a chain when you’re doing your job you need to consider

having a chain made with the metal itself.a wedding ring usually simple not like other rings with cross or others.

But we really don’t recommend silver rings that you would wear every day of your life, something you’re going to really need to consider if silver is important to you. We talk about comfort fit, so it’s slightly domed inside but there may be certain depths to it.Or thicker which would make a piece heavier itself.

We do still see D shapes which is just a flat band inside but not very often anymore. If you have an unusual shaped stone like a marquee shaped stone it’s going to be almost impossible to fit a wedding band perfectly next to it. Often these days you will see engagement rings that are made and described as wed fit so they have been really thought about but not always the case, so you may need to have a section cut out of the wedding band or the band shaped to fit around your engagement ring, all of which we do in our workshop in Kingston.

You may want to be considering a plain band itself or a texture or finish to the surface. Whether it’s been slightly hammered or brushed, those are all things that you will need to take into account. With all of them I would always stress you’ve also got to consider how is that going to look next to your engagement ring. Now the fun part, are you going to put diamonds into your ring?

With guys as well this is serious consideration now whether you want to have a single stone drilled into a plain band or whether you want to have a few stones scattered along the surface of it. We do also see people now choosing square shaped, so princess cut diamonds to go in the band itself. My favorite consideration now is whether you go for a diamond eternity band over a traditional plain wedding band.

And that is becoming a case often so my wife in fact has a full eternity band that goes all the way around. The consideration here is how big the stones are going to be and you don’t want them to be dwarfing that stone in the engagement ring, but also the setting that they’re in so you may have a claw setting which would match perhaps the star of your engagement ring or a rub over setting where there’s metal around the edges of it, or a channel setting where they’re all set in a line. It could be a message or a name, a fun name you have for each other. Or even the date that you got married so no one ever forgets. But equally we’re starting to see people put diamonds or even gemstones on the inside of the ring so the stone may be touching their skin if that’s important to them. The Spandex Chair Covers is very soft, comfortable and breathable than another chair cover.

It’s a secret thing that may be a personal message between each other. Our master craftsmen Sarel has been with us for nearly 20 years and he has designed many perfect wedding rings to suit people. we can always arrange a personal consultation with you in one of our stores to see him. Maybe you’re getting married next week or maybe you’re getting married next month or next year.

If it’s next week, it’s really going to be important that we choose something that we have in stock,

something that perhaps that we can alter in size because the likelihood is we’re not going to be able to get something made for you that quickly. But we would often recommend giving at least three to four months to make sure that we get everything right, that we get a chance to check the sizes when they come in, see if fingers have changed in size at all over that period to make sure you have the peace of mind and you have the wedding ring ready for your big day.

We have a wedding ring guarantee that is industry leading to make sure that you can wear your ring with real peace of mind for many years to come. We do ask that you bring it back to us every six months so that we can check it’s okay but also give it a clean and polish and also perhaps reminisce on that big day from a few years ago.

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