Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer-New Generation Dab Pen

The demand for vaping is increasing day by day with the great passage of time. So, the supply of these smoking products like Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer has also increased in the market nowadays. It is important to take care of your requirement so that you can make your purchase easier. Thus, Yocan is the only brand that helps in fulfilling your demand.

So, yocan lies in reliable and affordable brands. Over the past years, yocan has released many high-quality great products. Such as, evolve plus vaporizer, evolve, and the XL. Thus, their latest product is this XL vaporizer.

Thus, the design of this vaporizer looks like a pen-style vaporizer. It has a long-lasting internal battery of 1400mAh. It is an advance and great version of the previous yocan evolve.

The sophisticated version of yocan vape pens

So, by making a comparison of this advanced version with its old versions. Firstly we will compare its battery size. This Yocan XL vaporizer new version has a great battery of 1400mAh, its plus version has 1100mAh, and the last one its original evolve version has a battery size of 650mAh.

Thus, secondly, the major difference between them is their coils. In this Xl version of yocan, they use a quartz quad-coil system. On the other hand, its evolve and version uses a simple system of dual quartz coils.

This Xl version of yocan is larger while, its other version such as evolve and is a little bit thinner. Additionally, evolve does not have any container and have only a single container. But this xl version comes with a dual-chambered silicone dab container.

Productive product with amazing updates

So, the production of yocan products is always done with high-quality material. Thus, the reason for their durability and reliability is, they are manufactured carefully with great making practices. Their product lasts longer as compared to the other brands in the market.

Also, it comes in a decent design and is very easy. It has also quick-lock magnetic closures. So, due to updates in coils, these quartz coils available in vape pens allow faster heat transmission. These coins give you flavorful and delicious smooth vapors.

Additionally, this Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer also provides you the cooling chambers for maintaining the temperature at the time of smoke. For the prevention of any leakage and dust, this xl version also comes with a coil cover.

Additional tools of Yocan XL vaporizer

So, it comes with a vape pen with a unique design. It also features some different components to help you in vaping. Thus, it also comes with a charger for your long last vaping. Following are the accessories of the Xl vaporizer.

  •         Vape pen of yocan Xl version
  •         Changing wax vape coil
  •         a dabbing tool of wax
  •         USB cable charger

Special regulator for Airflow

It is one of the best features of this Yocan XL smoke vaporizer. This xl vaporizer comes with the airflow valve that is located on the top of the vape battery. The airflow valve allows you to maintain the airflow so that, you can change the hit that you want.

Long life charging supply

The battery life of this Yocan evolves plus XL vaporizer is too much good. Additionally, you need to charge its battery once in a whole day. It has a 1400mAh long-lasting battery that seems to be perfect. Its battery will last in a week or many days if you are not using it too much. Nowadays users want this type of device that lasts long.

Order to use Yocan XL vaporizer

  •     So, firstly before using the vape pen always remember to charge the battery. Thus, just wait until the red lights are off then it shows that the battery is fully charged. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.  Do remember that while leaving the vape pen on charging for a long time might result in a reduction of battery life.
  •   Thus, to turn on the device, press the button of the device 5 times immediately. And after this, the device will be on and you can start enjoying your session.
  •     Then, take off the coil cap and open the heating chamber. Thus, by using the dab tool take the dab and place it carefully near to the coils. The best size to start with the dab is like the size of a grain of rice.
  •     So, in the end vaping is left. To start vaping press the power button to warm the concentrates and to create vapors. Thus, by using long smooth breaths, enjoy and inhale the vapors easily.
  •   After finishing the smoking quickly press the power button five times. Also, always remember to keep the vape pen straight after using it.

Procedure for upholding

So, you don’t need to do much more for cleaning and maintaining your Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer. For using the device for a long period just simply take care of its cleanliness and maintenance. Thus, the only thing that needs to do is, wipe down your device with an alcohol wipe or with a clean cloth.

Also, Properly clean the coil caps. For flowing the vapors, the pathway of vapor is to be properly cleaned. So, rinse off all the parts of the device with hot and warm water carefully. Before using the vape pen, be sure that all the parts are completely dry and clean.

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