Why You Should Book a Stay in Hunter Valley

If you want to take a trip around Australia at some point, you should highly consider visiting eye-catching tourist spots. Some examples of tourist spots around Australia include the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, and Uluru, to name a few. But if you want activities that involve watching and feeling the great outdoors, you should visit Hunter Valley in South Wales.

You can discover so many activities to do around the region, and find Hunter Valley accommodation so that you have somewhere to stay within the next few days. Make sure you find out more about Hunter Valley because anyone who takes on the region is bound to have fun all the time. You should learn about the different activities in Hunter Valley if you are not convinced enough to take a trip there.

1. Visit the Hunter Valley Spa

If you have recently been travelling non-stop just to visit Hunter Valley, you can find that the region has an amazing spa that both locals and tourists go to every time they need a pamper treatment. The Ubika Spa has highly-trained beauty therapists who know how to deal with people on edge and just want to let loose for a bit.

2. Taste High-Quality Wine

One other activity that will certainly make wine lovers enjoy Hunter Valley is that it offers a great selection of wines to quench your thirst. If you want to sip on fine wine while appreciating artistic designs, you should visit Thirst Palette Wines. When you drop by the winery, you will be greeted with appealing cellar doors set within an idyllic surrounding, making it the best place to have a picnic and enjoy the day with your friends or loved ones.

3. Visit the Loviz Art Gallery

Another reason to visit Hunter Valley is that you will love visiting the Loviz Art Gallery if you are a big fan of all things art. You will be greeted with a wide range of street art, reproduction and original showpieces by famed Hunter Valley artist Tanya Lovis. Once you take a peek at her art collection, you might take a long while at the art gallery.

4. Ride a Helicopter Above Hunter Valley

If you are one of many that have not yet experienced riding a helicopter, visiting Hunter Valley will be your best chance at riding one. You should know that the region is widely known for its lush green trees and overall surroundings, and what better way to look at everything from the sky. There are several helicopters that you can get on and that can take you to places like the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley while sipping on good wine.

5. Visit Hunter Valley’s Luscious Gardens

You may want to dial it down and just simply relax after several days of joining in fun activities that drain your body completely. If you visit the Hunter Valley Gardens, you will be welcomed with many beautiful flowers. The garden has over 6,000 roses of different species, a Storybook Garden, an Italian Grotto, a beautiful landscape, and so much more. The only problem is you won’t have enough time to visit the entire place because it has a lot to offer for any visitor.

Make sure you put Hunter Valley as one of your next vacation or tourist destinations in the future because it will be a place that you will remember in your lifetime.

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