What is the significance of piping estimating services?

Definition of Piping estimation

The most difficult building system component to maintain and construct is piping. So, the piping estimating services often helps you in making timely measures. To secure your home, office, apartment, mall, or any other construction from leakage it is advisable to consult a good engineer.  They provide detailed estimation which secures the pipes from leakage. Further, piping estimation is an approximate cost attached with a construction project. However, it is a broad concept in which each possibility with its affordability should be taken into account. The estimation is a prediction of the budget along with its outcomes. Perhaps, the estimation is in short, a rough estimate of projects costs and time. All the details and accuracy must be included in the estimation.

In this article, we shall talk in detail about the consequences of overestimation and underestimation of piping estimation services provided by companies or individuals. Also, how different kinds of pipes provide different quality. In the end, we will conclude the article by describing the essential components in pipes that are equally important to consider at the time of estimation.

Estimation may vary 

We know that construction projects are way different than other projects. It requires more accuracy in making a decision. Each building has a unique design and architecture. This means the estimation varies from building to building. However, the piping estimation cost must be performed individually for each project. So, it needs a group of professionals who can estimate the cost according to the building size and clients’ preferences. The inaccurate estimation will leave an adverse effect on the project. Further, underestimation and overestimation have adverse consequences. These consequences will lead to loss of time and money for clients. Also, it will shatter their trust. 

The drawback of over and underestimation 

In the case of overestimation of piping services. The clients have to pay the unnecessary cost. However, the contractors who overestimate the project’s cost risk losing a competitive bid or being labeled a scammer.  Both of which can harm their reputation. If the contractors overestimate the project’s cost the following consequence they have to bear

  • Risk of failing in a tender,
  • Being labeled as cheats, and
  • Tarnish of their credibility.

On the contrary, if costs are considered low, many unexpected costs incurred during the construction estimating services. Depending on the nature of the contract, these costs may affect the owner, contractor, or both.  As a result, we have seen in the past that contractors have gone bankrupt because they underestimated a larger project.

Furthermore, while estimating the cost for piping services there is always some uncertainty. But when calculations are done under experienced professionals using reliable data and software. It speeds up the estimation and accuracy. While both under and overestimation are detrimental to your project. Excessive costs should not be confused with excessive engineering. Overpricing occurs when certain elements of a project are too expensive while over-engineering means when too much capacity has been provided. Therefore, in any case, the cost of your project is greater than its value.

Which pipes provide the best quality?

It is the task of the estimator to suggest the best quality material for the project. However, there is a misconception that PEX pipes are weaker as compared to the PVC and copper piping. Many people consider them less reliable than other pipes. But the reality is quite different. These pipes remain unaffected in those conditions when the PVC and copper pipes normally get damaged. PVC and copper pipes are vulnerable to weather conditions. At the time of estimation, you must consider the quality of the pipes. It is because you might ignore high-quality pipes just because their prices are high. Or you end up buying low-quality pipes because apparently, they look stronger. 

Secondly, weather affects the pipes, as in cold weather the water freezes, but the PVC pipes do not expand accordingly. As a result, it causes cracks in the pipes and increases repair expenses. While the PEX pipes expand according to the water and do not damage the pipes. On the other hand, copper pipes easily get rusted if the water contains chemical content. The rusting can cause damage to the pipes. So, the PEX pipes remain unreactive when chemical water passes through them. 

What components of pipes are included in the estimation?

The estimation is incomplete without including all the components needed in a project. However, pipes have different elements such as types of pipes, types of fittings, types of flanges, types of valves and jacks, and similar fasteners. Different pipe components can have different sizes and pressures. That is the reason different metals can also be used. 

In piping estimating services, the estimator tries to estimate individual components from an internal database. Perhaps, it often takes a long time to accurately match the content, size and schedule of a particular pipe component. If the company has used something similar in another recent project, some internal data may be available but may not be available to everyone. The set may include something of size and/or other nearby tables. The whole process is very tiring. Even with the database and software, no company can keep a complete database of prices for every understandable plumbing fixture.


To conclude the article, it is important to understand the concept of estimation. As estimation is all about an estimate of the project’s cost and time. Which is taken place by a group of professionals. In piping estimation services, the cost of labor and material have been included. Basic components of pipes also remain a part of estimation. Although, over and underestimation both are not beneficial for the clients. To avoid that, you should always consult with professionals. The consequences of these estimations will lead to an excessive amount of money and time. However, it is the job of the estimator to provide correct information about the quality of pipes. PEX pipes have more strength and durability as compared to PVC and copper pipes. Thus, estimation must be based on realistic terms to provide benefit to the clients.

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