What Are the Most Popular Home Salon Services in Lucknow?

If you are looking for a home-based salon in Lucknow, you should check out Glamcode, a startup. The city has many salon at home in Lucknow, but most are located on porches and can be crowded. Scheduling appointments and paying the high prices of beauty parlours can be a hassle. Glamcode is changing that by bringing the salon to you!

Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure are two of the most popular services offered at home salons. A manicure or Pedicure is a simple process of trimming and filing the nails. A pedicure also contains moisturizing and cleansing properties. In the beauty industry, pedicures and manicures play an essential role in the overall beauty of a person. A nail expert can provide a manicure or Pedicure that is both relaxing and effective for improving the health of the hands and feet.

Home salon services in Lucknow are now available through Glamcode. This homegrown startup provides salon services for busy women. Most local beauty parlours are small and crowded, so scheduling and tracking appointments is a hassle. In addition, beauty parlour prices are often exorbitant. Glamcode aims to solve this problem by offering Home salon services that are convenient and affordable.

Choosing the best Home salon services in Lucknow can be a daunting task. With over 3700 beauticians in Lucknow alone, it isn’t easy to decide which one to choose. Fortunately, Sulekha provides a comprehensive list of 3700 women’s beauty parlours with complete user reviews.

Home salon services in Lucknow provide a variety of other services. They also offer waxing, threading, facials, and face cleanup. You can schedule your appointment with Myla and choose a time that works for you.


Facials are one of the most popular Salon at home services in Lucknow, and they are an ideal way to rejuvenate the skin. A professional will observe your skin type and recommend a facial that will suit it. Once the facial is chosen, the expert will follow a step-by-step procedure to cleanse and rejuvenate your face. After the first session, you’ll notice your skin is more radiant and youthful.

A facial is a relaxing treatment designed to remove blackheads and whiteheads from the face. Experienced employees use special tools to extract these unwanted objects. Blackheads and whiteheads can cause the skin to become dull and lifeless. A facial will eliminate these pesky problems.

Home salon services in Lucknow are an affordable and convenient option for beauty lovers. They offer a wide range of beauty treatments, including facials, body waxing, threading, face cleanup, and hair spa. The service is available at your chosen time so you can have a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment at your home.

UrbanHands’ home salon services in Lucknow provide excellent quality and efficient service. Your beautician will arrive at your home at around 9 AM and work their magic. The service will also provide expert advice on the best beauty products.


If you want a quick haircut, you can use several Home salon services in Lucknow. The salons are mainly located on porch areas. These areas are crowded, and women often struggle to get an appointment. They also have to track their appointments and pay hefty fees. The Home salon services of Glamcode can help you get the haircut and style you desire in the comfort of your own home.

A visit to a beauty salon is a great experience, but the journey home can spoil the experience. Home salon services in Lucknow are an excellent solution to this problem because you can relax in the comfort of your own home and schedule your service according to your schedule.

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