Welcome to Dubai, the City of Contrasts

Dubai is where the ancient and modern cultures meet. Dubai is where you can gaze at the Architectural art that led to the modern, tall buildings and then in 5 minutes you’ll be strolling along the small streets in the Dubai Private Tour gold souk. Dubai is a major MICE destination, with modern meeting facilities and luxurious city hotels where big multinationals and business travelers gather from all over the world to attend lavish exhibitions and long talks.

But Dubai has also become a popular holiday place for families that have kids who want to spend spending a week at Jebel Ali resort or Sheraton Dubai Beach Resort.

Tourists’ Attraction Spot

Dubai is an excellent tourist destination for tourist and the business-minded. Dubai is a city with a lot to offer through facilities, activities, and hotels just to name some. Children love Dubai because there are many exciting activities daily at or near any of Dubai’s hotels, or at one of the tourist attractions like the wild water parks. Don’t worry about dad and mom since they’ll have plenty of opportunities to have fun in one of the numerous occasions or attractions that take place every day. The various Dubai tour operators offer many different activities that include jeep safaris or snowboarding on the sand dunes or skiing in the just inaugurated Dubai Indoor Ski Lodge.

Global Trend-setting Place

Dubai has achieved the Valhalla position of tourist destinations. It’s difficult to find a place in the globe with an increase in tourism revenue and arrivals. Dubai has become one of the top global trend-setting destinations when it comes to tourism and travel. However, Dubai is the only place that knows the speed at which a destination can raise to the top and how quickly a place will become unpopular with tourists and planners of meetings.

Huge Investment on Tourism Industry

Dubai continues to invest in the Dubai tourism industry, with plenty of capital expenditures on infrastructure as well as new Dubai resorts and a collection of stunning attractions that are currently being constructed or under construction. The soon-to-be-opened underwater hotel is just one example of what organizers in Dubai are working on.

The ongoing investments made by the government and finance community are likely to ensure Dubai’s position as one of the most popular international destinations for tourists but there is a second aspect to the greatness of Dubai.

Price Hikes in Hotels of Dubai

A growing number of visitors are dissatisfied with the massive price hikes that these hotels within Dubai tend to apply every season. Dubai was never a popular destination for the budget-conscious; however some hotels are beginning to charge ridiculous rates for their rooms. It is important that Dubai hotel owners shouldn’t get greedy or arrogant and try to out-price themselves. Numerous destinations in the past have experienced this, which eventually caused the popularity of these destinations plummeting quite quickly.

Nearby countries like Oman or Qatar are witnessing their popularity among tourists from abroad quickly growing than ever before, hotels as well as other amenities are built even though both have numerous top-of-the-line hotels. The other Emirates that, together with Dubai is part of The United Arab Emirates, are witnessing their tourism sectors grow rapidly. Abu Dhabi has a large number of luxury resorts, hotels and hotels and more are being built. Most expensive hotels the world to be built is in actual fact it’s the Emirates Palace which is owned by the Abu Dhabi government and is operated by Kempinski. There are many excellent alternatives to Dubai within the region and usually at lower costs therefore the decision makers must seriously consider this.

Total Dependency on Tourism Sector

Dubai has poured all of their resources and energy on the tourism sector. The result is stunning. But as the oil supply is expected to be drying up in the near future it could suggest the fact that Dubai has put most of their eggs in one basket. Dubai will be heavily dependent on the tourism and hospitality business, which could result in unpleasant circumstances.

Unstable Region of the world

Dubai is not in a stable region of the globe. Because of the ongoing problems that the countries around it face with one or another like Israel, Iraq, Iran and Syria It is hard to forecast the future. A catastrophe within a country nearby could cause a complete disruption to tourism that could be devastating for Dubai and its workforce.

Downfall of Bali City

A great illustration of a place that was terribly hurt by having only tourism to count upon is Bali. I was there right before the financial crisis that ravaged South East Asia during the last period of 1997. It was an extremely popular Island that was a gods’ paradise featured huge occupancy rates and room’s rates. New hotels were constantly being built as Bali was a gold-mining area at the time. It was the place to play for people from the world of Jet set. Since the financial crisis began 1997, Bali is unable to attract planners for meetings and the huge number of tourists that they previously accustomed to. A lot of locals lost their income sources and many investors lost their life-saving. A lot of hotels are on the market since then with no serious buyers.

Of course Dubai is situated in a completely different part of the world, but a few factors that led to Bali to be major tourist destination might be present in Dubai. The religious fanatics who ravaged Bali might shift their focus towards other areas and Dubai with all its western tourists stands out. All it takes is one connection which means that the industry of tourism is likely to suffer a setback that it may not be able to recover from.

Key Recommendations from Visitors

Also, after speaking to numerous Dubai visitors and those who live and work in Dubai I’ve compiled an inventory of things that could be improved and surely would please all tourists.

* End the discrimination in pricing that charges Arabs and the former Soviet Union nations more than western Europeans and Asians. This policy has angered many travelers and it is not the case on the other side of Qatar and Oman for instance.

Due to the number of hotels being opened or opening in the near future, there is a possibility that the standard of hotel staff will decrease. Customers are beginning to complain more frequently about the services they get from Dubai hotels. They often complain that the management of the hotels is arrogant and not willing to be flexible in fixing any issue that guests may have.

* Dubai is one of the strictest cancellation policies of any place in the globe. It is not uncommon that hotels charge 100% cancellation fees regardless of whether the customer has cancelled within a week of. Hotels should be aware that this could be an argument for travellers not to travel. The cost of a week in a resort on the beach is likely to cost anywhere from 300-5000 USD and if they need to cancel because of an emergency with the family, then it would be a ridiculous cancellation cost to the hotel.

A lot of hotels in Dubai are not able to offer welcoming policies for children since parents often have to pay for a kid’s fee in addition to the cost of room. The majority of hotels that I was at followed the requirement that two kids younger than 12 years old can stay in the same room with parents, as long as there was there was no additional bedding required. Many Dubai hotels will only allow one child in the room, and families with two small children is required to have two rooms. This is a major issue for families and they are refusing to accommodate them because they are required to have their children within one space.

* Dropping visa requirement for certain nationalities. The countries that joined the EU in the past few years, such as Malta as well as those in the Czech Republic still require a visa, whereas the other nations of the EU do not need one. Additionally, nearby Lebanon as well as Egypt for instance are still required to obtain a visa that is a bit complicated to travel on business last minute and meetings.

I finally have a goal for myself. Dubai is capable of creating incredible structures as well as artificial islands, attractions and. However, what is it that makes the public transportation system in Dubai not as good as its lavish hotels and malls. This is definitely a huge contrast. A lot of Taxis charge huge fees, and particularly those that are located at airports. Should a rail line be constructed from the Airport to Dubai and possibly even the beach region? Kuala Lumpur builds an excellent rail system after they opened their new airport couple of years ago. I’m sure that Dubai could become a more popular tourist destination by having such a system.You can find great discounts on Saudia Airlinesand Emirateson the Flyin website.

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