Ways to Get a Good Workout with Your Dog

There are many science-related benefits of being a dog owner. These involve fewer stress levels and feeling lonely and lower the risk of death. On average, the one who owns a dog is more likely to be well-exercised than someone without a canine.

Remember that dogs can’t walk or exercise themselves; they always need someone to lead and show them the way. If you are dreaming of your pet pup doing some quick puppy planks or leg lifts, perhaps you should be the motivator and accompany them. But ensure you have a handy medical pet facility while doing this.

An effective workout plan should be enjoyable for both of you. Whatever your fitness level is, if you are not enjoying the activity, your pet will also not. So, plan unique and inspiring workouts to keep your fur friend’s energy high.

At the same time, consider being prepared with the best pet insurance so your active pet is covered comprehensively. Dog insurance helps get timely medical help during accidental injuries and emergencies while pursuing health goals and, at other times, with the little financial burden.

So, contemplate purchasing a policy. In the meantime, read this article for some exercise ideas to get fit with your pup.

1. Go on walks

Consider adding another 15 to 20 mins to your dog’s morning and evening walk duration so it can get a little more exercise.

2. Walk-Jog-Walk

Walk for a certain distance, after which consider running for a brief span. For instance, you can jog/run from your home until the street corner or until you cross particular landmarks and continue to walk after crossing them, etc. Alternate walking and jogging for about fifteen mins, and consider increasing the time as your dog’s stamina grows.

3. Set Up an Obstacle Course for You and Your Dog

Obstacle courses are good exercise that helps work various muscles while improving your coordination and balancing skills. You can set up the course for you and your dog if you have sufficient space and run through it for a good workout.

4. Play toys

A ball or stick is a perfect thing to throw that has to be fetched by your pup. Consider throwing the toy and racing with your puppy to see who wins the game. It is given that your puppy wins, so shower it with a heap of praises and pats to encourage the winning streak. Also, consider running back with your pet pooch for strength training and stability.

5.  Push-ups

Try doing push-ups on your toes and then on your knees while keeping your head straight and abs firm. Simultaneously, let your pup do about five doggy push-ups so both of you remain engaged and work hard towards accomplishing fitness goals.

6. Engage Your Furry Friend in a Game of Frisbee or Catch

Another engaging activity is playing frisbee or playing catch with your dog. After throwing the frisbee, do any form of exercise like jumping jack or squat till the canine brings the frisbee back. Repeat this several times, so your dog is tired while helping you get closer to your fitness journey.

7.  Climbing stairs

Get your dog used to gradually climbing up and getting downstairs in a loop. Slow movement encourages activity, helps strengthen the muscles, and is much better than running up and down or skipping the stairs.

While the exercises mentioned above help your canine fur baby stay energetic and healthy, when done in the wrong way, they can cause adverse health consequences. Fractures, injuries, sprains, and other medical emergencies are not uncommon in pets that lead an active lifestyle.

While we are sure you will be careful, it is best to be prepared with dog insurance. Getting your puppy quality health care during unplanned vet visits like accidents and other emergencies need not be financially challenging. Consider buying the best pet insurance that covers your pup for broader-ranging health situations rather than cheap policies that offer only basic health coverage.



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