The Trending Stuff About Motorised Knapsack Sprayers in Kenya

Farming is the major economic activity in Kenya, and is thus, affected by many challenges such as pests and diseases, poor soil fertility etc. Would you love to learn how to effectively eradicate some of these problems within a short period by the help of sprayers, read on for more details in this article.

Adding fertilizers to infertile soils and spraying of pests and diseases to infected crops and animals are some of the key eradications put in place in order to maximize output of farm produce in Kenya. This is applicable by use of both traditional and mordern spraying equipments.

Why a motorised knapsack sprayer?

The traditional methods  are often tiresome and time consuming  as compared to the modern methods of spraying. Below are the merits of spraying using a motorised knapsack sprayer; the most effective one.

Lightweight and economical

The  body of the sprayer is made up of high quality plastic and other relevant materials; this enables a farmer to work all day without getting fatigue. It also functions very fast thus reducing more cost of the produce.

Easy to operate

Farmers initially had an illusion that the sprayer requires long hours of training, and that it is quite hard to operate. The good news is that it’s designed in a user-friendly way and doesn’t need special or technical skills to operate. It’s engine is easy to fill and start, and contains maximum and minimum level marks for filling.

Price friendly

The motorised knapsack sprayer  prices in Kenya is relatively favourable if compared with the out put work it does. You can spray  a large farm within hours; this in turn saving more time and energy to be applied to other projects.


The materials of the sprayer are made of high quality; this ensures damage protection, protection from UV rays, and the engine is securely mounted. So, you can use it all day without any hassles.

Safety and healthy

The sprayer was designed to have an efficient safety and healthy ability to the consumer. It’s engine is extremely silent, light and antivibrant. It does not have sharp edges and it exhaustes  away, thus giving safety to the one operating it.

Easy to maintain and clean

Its maintenance and cleaning is pretty easy as you don’t need qualifications or special skills to clean it. You can use water and soap to clean both inside and outside very comfortable; the nozzles can be adjusted, removed, changed and cleaned with a lot of ease.

Given the plenty of advantages that the sprayer provides to the people of Kenya, it has also some disappointments as well.


Having seen the beauty of the product and how it is impacting the lives of many Kenyans, I would recommend every farmer to have one so the he or she enjoys the unlimited merits of the product. For more, check

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