The Difference Between Megaways And Pay Line Slots

All phone bill slots have the same basic functionality in that they contain symbols that fit on reels when they are spun. These are the fundamental features that have consistently remained the same ever since the slots were invented in the 19th century. Hence, it is safe to say that no matter what happens to slots in the future, these basics won’t change.

What has evolved in the presentation of these games over time is that they have changed from mechanical beginnings to virtual platforms that were introduced in the late 1990s. This switch to a virtual platform has allowed for the placement of more reels and more symbols on slot machines, breaking free from the traditional ones.

Megaways Slots

This breaking away from tradition has welcomed a new trend in slot games which has come courtesy of Big Time Gaming which has designed Megaways slots. Megaways slots carry a different amount of symbols on the reel and each reel can in turn hold 2 to 7 symbols during each spin.

Before the invention of Megaways slots, slot machines had a fixed number of symbols that appeared on the reels which in turn created pay lines that differed with each spin.

The first Megaways slot game was Dragon Born and it was the huge success of this game that introduced players to the possibility of 117649 ways to win. This meant that Megaways slots quickly evolved into a global trend.

Though traditional slots are easier to play and follow than Megaways slots, each game lets you know how many winning lines are in play during each spin.

Other Differences Between Megaways and Pay Line Slots

Besides offering pay lines over 100,000 Megaways slots also differ from traditional slots in that they contain 6 reels instead of the 5 standard reels. Some of them even feature the 7th reel. You will also need 4 or more scatters here to land a bonus instead of the usual requirement of 3 scatters.

Another notable difference between Megaways and pay line slots is the number of symbols and their size. Anything from 2 large or 7 small symbols can land on the reels. This increases the unpredictability of each spin, as you will never know how many pay lines are activated in each spin.

You can buy a bonus on some of the slots. Additionally, Megaways slots are flowing in nature and this means every winning spin will create a free spin until the winning sequence is ended.

Those who are familiar with Megaways slots know that most of them are modern versions of slot games that already exist.

Final Thoughts

Megaways slots will take some time to get used to due to their design and the gameplay that they bring to the slots table. However, the bonuses can be very rewarding because of the added pay lines and added reels. These bonuses are worth the time and effort that you will take to get used to their design and gameplay.

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