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The airline adds customer value key links include the following

Its extensive national network feeds into international routes that span the globe. BA has a freephone reservations number, close relationships with travel agents, a frequent-flyer programme offering worldwide awards and credit cards tied to its mileage programme. Customers count on BA to provide in-flight meals on longer flights, films, to transfer their bags and to cater to them if anything goes wrong along the way

Research and development

Whether developing more comfortable business-class seats, better in-flight entertainment, or Internet connections at 35,000 feet, British Airways works to please its most demanding customers. At the same time, its reservation system and yield-management software allow the airline to maximize revenue and match fares with other airlines in certain competitive markets.

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Marketing and sales

The company spends significant time and resources in promoting its image and worldwide brand. BA advertises in a wide range of global media, sponsors all sorts of special events and maintains strong ties with travel agencies across the country and the world.

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Customer service is a major link in BA’s value chain. The company makes every effort to create a lasting relationship with its most loyal customers through its frequent-flyer programme. And it makes sure that these valued customers are pampered with special airport lounges, hassle-free checkin and checked baggage that always arrives first in the baggage claim.

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Financial control

British Airways maintains the financial resources and flexibility to fund continued investments in the extensive ground facilities and huge fleet of aircraft that allow it to serve a global network of routes and destinations. Both easyJet and British Airways are in the business of transporting passengers from one location to another by using aircraft on regularly scheduled flights, yet their value chains and the important links in creating customer value are quite different.

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