Six Must-Have Security Products to Protect Your Rural Property

Due to the remoteness of rural properties, all farm owners should utilise a combination of security products to assist in protecting assets from thieves and overall property security.

Plus, thanks to the harsh climate of rural Australia, there is no room for low-quality security installations as the technology must survive bushfires, extreme heat, flooding, intense winds, animal destruction and much more.

Therefore, ensure you source your security products from a reputable locksmith to rest assured no matter the threat to your rural property. To get started on enhancing the security of your farm or rural property, here are six major priorities that should be included in your property’s security.

Key Storage Solutions

For a rural property, key management is a multilayer system which requires more than storing your keys in a safe place; it also necessitates a covert installation which can withstand the harsh conditions of the outback. Key storage serves as a security solution as well as a risk management purpose during natural disasters.

A key garage is the most appropriate solution for a property owner who only has 5 keys or less to worry about about, however, a key cabinet is ideal if you need extra key storage. Most key storage solutions are simple to instal; simply place the device on the wall and generate a PIN.

CCTV Cameras & Alarm Systems

Intruders are less likely to target properties that have a functioning security system. For example, depending on your property size, your security strategy should include several surveillance cameras.

But before buying a camera set for your property, there are many things to think about. To begin, what issue are you attempting to resolve? Is it to catch intruders? Is it to monitor your animals? Determine what the camera’s primary function will be, and this will help you decide if you want a hardwired or wireless camera.

Installing alarms on buildings and storage sheds is a smart idea. Traditional alarm systems are fine for regions with access to the electricity grid. Wireless alarms that demand high-speed internet, on the other hand, perform effectively in locations where the WiFi signal is strong.

Safeguard Important Valuables with a Safe

While bulgers are less of a concern for rural properties as they are so remote, natural disasters such as bush fires and floods are a common crisis rural property owners face. As a result, think about what you wish to safeguard from these occurrences. For example, it might be paperwork, priceless memories, or valuable jewellery. Therefore, you will most likely benefit from a safe deposit box with a fire-resistance rating to keep these valuables safe. However, keep in mind that safe deposit boxes are not entirely fireproof but resist a specified amount of heat for a specific amount of time.

Gun Safes

Firearms are deadly, and if they aren’t kept safely, they can cause a lot of death and injury. Nevertheless, gun possession is necessary on rural properties, but their storage is strictly regulated in Australia. So, to avoid hefty penalties, fines, or even incarceration, all gun owners must source quality gun safes for sale through a reputable retailer and store their firearms properly.

The legal requirements for safe firearm storage vary depending on your firearm and your licence. Failure to comply with safe storage regulations is vigorously enforced, and the penalties vary based on the type of handgun used.

When looking for gun safes for sale, make sure the safe meets and surpasses all essential state and Australian government firearm standards and regulations, including Security Levels 1 and 2 as well as Category A, B, C, D, and H as defined by The Firearms Act 1996.

Improve All Locks and Doors

Heavy-duty locks, chains, and padlocks should be used to secure all gates, doors, and windows. Although this will not prevent the most persistent intruders, it may lead others to reconsider and leave (since they don’t want to risk being discovered if they stay).

Take it further and keep any tools, equipment, and weaponry locked up while not in use. Leave no valuable or harmful things in areas where intruders or youngsters can easily get them. Padlocks should also be fitted with coverings to prevent criminals from hacking them open.

Remember that a door is only as strong as its hinges, even with the toughest lock. If the hinges are weak, it will be easy for a burglar to remove the door, so consider installing stronger or reversed hinges, which are considerably more difficult to tamper with. For example, if a gate or door isn’t used frequently, consider positioning a car or a large object in front of it to block access – hay bales work well for this.

Security Lighting

Install security and motion-detector lights throughout your rural property. They not only alert you to movement outside (if you’re nearby), but they can also warn intruders that your property has working security systems. Check all lights regularly to ensure they’re working correctly and replace them if necessary.

Where to Source High-Quality Rural Property Security Products

Due to their position, farms and rural properties are frequently considered easy targets. Thieves often believe that some regions of farms are unguarded or unsecure. So, all rural property owners need to consider what problems they’re seeking to tackle to then be able to select the best security products and preserve your farm’s security.

Before you start kitting out your farm with the latest in protection – from safe deposit box to fun safes for sale – remember that this article is just a sample of what you should consider when assessing your farm’s security.

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