Preparing for UPSC Exams During Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented event of the 21st century so far. It has left a large socio-economic impact on the human population at large.Even the vaunted UPSC Exams were affected, this pandemic postponed the exams once in 2020 and again in 2021. It is not inherently easy to prepare for the hyper competitive Civil Services Examinations but it isn’t necessarily a difficult endeavor regardless.

This article will give tips on how one can prepare for the UPSC Exams. It will also be prudent for those candidates who have registered for the exam to be familiar with the UPSC Admit Card 2021, as it is a crucial document needed to appear for the exam.

Tips to better Prepare for UPSC during Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Dissociation from unnecessary news: It’s prudent to stay away from unnecessary news that might result in a negative state of mind. In this Covid-19 most likely media reports will incline towards the negative spectrum.One can also become restless as a result of being subjected to such news reports hence being detached as it will help in overcoming pressure and might enable 100% focus on learning.

2. Differentiation in learning: It is only human to become frustrated or stressed when one is not able to reach a set goal or when they are not able to solve a mock test or two. This is counterproductive at best and should be avoided. One way to overcome this is to enjoy the process of learning and thinking of positive outcomes.

3. Do not obsess over perfection: Usually candidates are reluctant to write answers even during practice sessions due to an unrealistic sense of perfectionism. Candidates must get out of this cycle as this might jeopardize their chances of writing good answers at a crucial junction.

4. Adapting to the New Normal: The Covid-19 situation has changed how UPSC preparation is done. Physical classes have given way to online classes, negating any chances of group discussions and studies. As such students might be uncomfortable with this shift in taking online classes, getting accustomed to reading PDFs and giving online mock tests. It is a tiring endeavour but it is a necessary step. It is easier when the vast UPSC syllabus is broken down into smaller parts and thus preparation becomes easier.

5. Avoid Negativity: It’s important to be with the right people during UPSC preparation. It is recommended to avoid people that give negative vibes. Such people are not worth keeping company with as the candidate will doubt their potential. Hence it’s better to avoid negativity by keeping out of their reach.

6. Maintain a Reading Habit: For the UPSC exams, it is necessary to maintain a reading habit, and it must be done while avoiding unwanted distractions. Reading about two to three newspapers daily will help in the long run. Also it is also recommended to read magazines like Yona, Kurukshetra etc.

Keeping the above things in mind, the candidates appearing for UPSC 2021  can have a better chance at acing the exams with flying colours.

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