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Whether you are a fan of the show or not, you can’t deny the fact that it is pretty amazing. Not only is it a great show that is both fun and educational, but it is also an amazing way to learn about the ins and outs of computer programming. If you’re interested in learning more, then you should definitely check out the following articles:

Merging R&D units

Getting two R&D teams to collaborate on a single project is no small feat. It is a testament to Pony’s engineering prowess that they are able to merge their efforts without compromising quality. The company’s autonomous truck driving unit grew from around 20 staff to over 100 by September, with plans to ramp up to two hundred by the end of the year.

The gizmo isn’t in a confined space but has a well-defined footprint spanning several states. The company says its flagship autonomous vehicle program is slated to go into operation in 2022, and it should be able to meet the burgeoning demand for on-demand transportation with minimal disruption. The company has already obtained a permit to test a fully driverless AV on public roads.

The company has a well-documented commitment to driverless vehicle testing, which is an essential component to its overall success story. Despite the fact that it’s a California-based unicorn, the company maintains its Silicon Valley headquarters.

IP dispute with Tesla

Xpeng motors (yes, it is a real company) has a history of its own. In February, a former Tesla employee returned to the fold in Guangzhou, China. Although his new job doesn’t have a lot of perks, the company is still a viable contender in the electric car market. In fact, it may be the largest electric car maker in the country. Aside from being a well funded competitor, it is also a close customer to Tesla. The company hasn’t had a major shakeup in a while, but its best days are still intact. A new CEO is in the works and a revamped product lineup is imminent. Of course, a slew of competitors are all but squaring up. With an IPO in the works, the company’s stock price is in the neighborhood of a record high.

IP dispute with Xpeng

Xpeng Motors, the Chinese electric car maker, and Tesla are engaged in an IP dispute. The two are rivals for the pole position in the burgeoning EV market. This has been going on for a while. In the second quarter of 2022, XPeng Motors reported a revenue of 7.44 billion yuan. And the company’s deliveries increased 98 percent from the same quarter in the previous year.

The dispute between the two is intensifying. Tesla is requesting access to Xpeng’s internal communications and source code. This is in the hopes of gaining access to its proprietary technology. However, Xpeng is disputing the claims. It claims that the Autopilot source code was copied from the company’s website and was uploaded to Cao’s personal cloud account.


XPENG Motors has not been involved in the investigation of Zhang Xiaolang’s case, and did not request that the source code of Xpeng’s computers be given to Tesla. Instead, Xpeng has filed documents in US courts against Tesla.


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