Nova Recovery Center is the Only Alcohol Rehab Center That You Ever Need

If you are thinking about quitting alcohol for good, then you must join an alcohol rehab center. You might wonder why you must spend a lot of money instead of doing it yourself. But here’s the thing. Many people who try to quit by themselves go cold turkey and start facing adverse side-effects in a few days. Hence, it is better you leave your healing process to the professionals. As for the rehab center, we recommend you come to Nova Recovery Center at Austin, Texas. Here, we can provide you with confidential and complete care for any of your addictions.

Top Grade Facilities in the City of Austin

Nova Recovery Center was founded with the belief that anyone can turn their life around from the deadly grips of drugs. Thus, they can do so with ease too. That is why all our treatments are oriented towards the upliftment of our patients, and not just about providing medications to them. The proof for this is how our facility has been designed. We provide gender specific treatments to people with separate compounds for men, women, and the people from the LGBTQ community. This helps all our patients to feel comfortable while they recover. Also, our facility is located in a serene location, equivalent to a picnic spot, where you can relax and rest while you are treated.

Choose the Type of Luxury Treatment You Need

Aside from the usual services, we also provide a luxury option for our clientele. With this, you can access high-class amenities and living quarters that will provide you a lot of privacy and comfort. You will have your own room, fully furnished with a king size bed, table & chair, along with a quiet corner to catch up with your work. All your therapies and counseling sessions will be brought to your room and you won’t have to expend your energy roaming around the campus. This rehab for alcohol is more forthcoming for our clientele who seek a private time while they recuperate.

Best Care & Medical Professionals in the Center

Our facility is powered by the best possible clinicians and psychiatrists. Our doctors have decades of experience in rehab treatments and they will assist you in each and every step of your recovery. They will make sure you won’t face any withdrawal symptoms or any relapse during your treatments. You can also find several group sessions presided by honorable psychiatrists from leading hospitals in the country. With the luxury alcohol rehab option, you can even get a private appointment with them and get counseling.

90-Days Inpatient Rehab Will Get You a New Life

Our most sought out program is the 90-day inpatient program in which you will stay in our facility until you recover completely. You can also join our outpatient program after this gets over. From Nova Recovery Center, we also provide urgent care to people who seek drug addiction related emergencies. You can call us if you or your loved ones need any assistance.

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