May Birthstone: Know Everything About Emerald

Looking for your ideal gemstone? Wondering, What is the birthstone for May? It is emerald, the precious green gemstone that can amaze you with a single shine. It is a symbol of true love and you will be noticing the good changes in your life after wearing one. Just buying emeralds won’t help you but wearing one will surely help you out. Everything you need to know about Emerald: May Birthstone before you start planning to buy some precious and classic jewelry for yourself. Check out all the essential details as we have got some key information for your benefit.

Buy Emerald rings for yourself or for your loved ones from a reliable source. You must be confused, how can you decide the reliability of a jewelry brand. We have a certain checklist that can help you decide whether the jewelry brand is worthy or not. Begin by reading about the brand, the process of creation, certification process, feedback from customers, and most importantly pricing of the product. Online shopping compels you to place an order as soon as you like some product. It is human nature and each one of us is sailing in the same boat. Placing orders for food or groceries doesn’t need much research but buying a piece of jewel is surely done after good research. First, let’s understand all about gemstone emeralds.

Essential Characteristics Related To May Birthstone

An emerald birthstone is the most powerful tool to unlock your internal powers. The stone has certain characteristics that help it to differ from other available gemstones. The following characteristics make greenstone unique:


The dark green stone looks like a shiny green crystal that has been finely cut and given a flawless shape. The color doesn’t fade away with time. It remains the same. The darker the color, the better is the value of the gemstone.

Shape & Stone Setting:

It is available in more than eight shapes and a stone setting needs to be made as per the jewel that is aimed to be created. The design plays an important role in creating the end piece. A team of expert designers, craftsmen, and gemstone procurers is needed to create a classic piece of emerald jewelry.


The style majorly depends upon the type of jewel, whether it is a ring or a bracelet, or a necklace; the type will be decided based on the jewel.


The carat ranges between 0.1 to 5. The higher the carat size, the better will be worth. In some cases, emerald is priced more than the rarest diamonds due to its high carat value. There have been many cases in which people try to calculate the exact price but it may differ from one provider to another as everyone has their own benchmarking technique to determine the price for emeralds.


Most reliable sources offer high-quality emerald jewelry. You need to check the quality after conducting a few check tests.


There is no major maintenance required, timely cleaning is more than enough and your stone will be as good as a new one.

There are many ways in which you can make a choice for yourself and buy an excellent piece of jewel. The stone cutting and shaping are essential, you have chosen a reliable brand in order to have a good end product. A high carat emerald can be as expensive as a rare diamond, it directly reflects buying an emerald are equivalent to making an investment and you surely want to make a profitable deal out of the same.

How Your Relationship Can Get Better After Wearing Emerald Jewelry?

You can enhance your relationship by changing the energy around you. The easiest way is to do it by wearing colored gemstones. It will provide you with the right attitude and the missing calmness during various circumstances.

People born in the month of May can make the most out of the available opportunities and fix their vibes with ease. There is a steady relationship between Vedic astrology and gemstones. If you are aware of the importance of astrology in one’s life you will be knowing the scientific connection between the month you are born and the gemstone that is your birthstone. The chakras get gradually aligned once the correct gemstone starts emitting its magical power.

A better intellect automatically helps you create a clear vision of your deeds. Emerald necklace is the most royal pieces of jewel that can be evidently seen if you wear one. The closer to the heart and the better is the feel. A woman can be easily impressed by a piece of jewelry, here is a good chance for you to impress your lady love by giving her the gift for life. Ultimately, it strengthens your relationship with your partner.

Emerald bracelets can be your companion for the long run, you can wear the piece of jewelry on a routine basis and outshine your personality. It is the best way to have your luck in your hands. You might get an increment or a better offer to make the most awaited switch.


While choosing your piece of jewel you can get lost between emeralds, ruby, diamonds, and blue sapphire. These four are the most precious ones and will compel you to buy something for yourself even if you were just planning to buy it for your loved ones. But if you decide to have a combination of any two then the best one is emerald and diamonds. You can have your ideal ring that has center stone as emerald beautifully bordered by tiny diamonds. The overall look of the ring will depend upon the stone shape you will be finalized upon.

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