Is it Safe to Use Online Casinos when Overseas?

While the pandemic may not officially be over, for millions of people travel is back on the agenda. In 2019, there were nearly 39 million flights. The following year Covid arrived and the tourism industry was impacted massively. Just 16.4 million flights occurred in 2020.

Now though, vacations are being planned, and tourists are happily visiting locations far and wide. Quite often, holidaymakers like to keep up with their favorite pastimes and hobbies while away. More than 25% of the world’s population said they have gambled at least once. Therefore, it is highly likely that many tourists would wish to continue playing while on vacation.

But, is it safe to do so?

Can you access online casinos safely from any country?

The laws surrounding gambling do vary from region to region in the states, let alone across the world. Some countries are very lenient and others not so much. However, online casino games are largely safe anywhere as long as some understanding of your location is applied.

The simple rule to follow is to check the local gaming laws before you visit a country and before you decide to log on. Once you know this is okay, you can ensure your online safety through a few other measures.

What can you do to enhance online security?

Traveling to far-off destinations can be an exciting time. A vacation is often the culmination of months of planning, and often saving hard-earned money. But, many people forget some basic principles when arriving at their destination.

More than 70% of internet users in the US professed to have security concerns about being online. It is believed that around 1.2 billion people regularly use VPNs to improve security when online. Yet, when people go on holiday, this type of security often gets forgotten.

Use a VPN in an internet casino

Playing online in a casino can be a diversion and enjoyable at times. But, your hotel’s WiFi may not be as secure as you would wish. Using a VPN or proxy server can help to keep your online gaming safe, and your identity anonymous.

Only use a licensed online casino

In some countries, it is perfectly acceptable to use an online casino, as long as the operator is based overseas. This has made offshore gaming sites popular in many areas. However, you should only use reputable, licensed casinos when playing online.

Play offline casino games

Perhaps the safest option if there is any doubt in your mind is to download an app with your favorite games and play for free. Offline slot machine apps are abundant on the Play Store along with free-to-play blackjack games.


Regardless of whether you travel overseas or to the next state, it is always worth considering your online safety. Playing games online can be fun but using a VPN and making sure your chosen casino is licensed will make it that much safer.

As will checking out the rules and regulations in that exotic destination you are headed to shortly.

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