How Voices Can Help You Find the Best Voice Talent for Your Project

Finding the perfect voice actor for your project can be challenging given the vast number of websites and companies offering vocal talent services. Different actors have different styles of speaking and delivering dialogue, which means determining the right talent for the specifics of your project can be complex. The good news is that you can find a professional voice actor online through a reputable vocal talent website. Take a look at where to find the best talent for your project and how to hire a voice actor using Voices.

What Is a Voice Actor?

A voiceover actor is a performer who entertains, narrates, or markets products for commercials, animated characters, audiobooks, video games, and educational materials. Voice actors must have acting skills that support their impressions, mimicry, and character voices. Pro vocal actors have a mastery of breathing and pronunciation to deliver the best possible performance. They read and record copy, scripts, and other written material by changing inflections, providing different styles of delivery, and changing their tones to achieve the specifics of your audio production needs.

Where To Find a Voice Actor

imgVoice actors offer various services, pricing, and levels of experience depending on where talent seekers look. One of the best ways to find the right narrator for your project is to use voice actor websites. These websites allow you to access a pool of experienced voice actors based on industry, voice type, and services offered.

Voices is the top creative services marketplace in the world that provides talent seekers access to over 2 million users, from amateurs to seasoned professionals. You can easily find the perfect voice actor for your creative project by searching through their talent pool of voiceover actors from across the globe. The user-intuitive audio marketplace allows you to filter search results so you can find talent that meets the specifics of your project. You can set the budget range for your project and quickly receive quotes with transparent pricing.

All voice talent on Voices uses top-notch equipment and software, so you can expect ready-to-use broadcast quality files. The website connects with you the best talent with the most in-demand voiceover, audio production, and translation skills while taking care of talent sourcing, live directed sessions, NDAs, and more.

How To Hire a Voice Actor

imgThere are a few simple steps to follow when hiring a professional voice for your project. Before starting the voice talent search, write a finalized script that includes notes with vocal performance details. Making notes about breathing pauses, word emphasis, and intonation helps you find the best-fit voice for your preferences. Determine what additional services you need from a voice actor. The actor’s experience, industries worked in, vocal specializations, and services offered all impact the overall quality of the voiceover.

Define your brand’s voice profile and create a job description to locate a voice artist who can provide consistent voice recordings in the same style. Your brand’s voice profile is the characteristics and emotions that listeners associate with your brand. Before hiring a voice artist, it’s important to describe each emotion, trait, and characteristic of your brand’s voice and support each with examples. The job description is a combination of your script, additional services needed such as audio editing, and your brand’s voice profile.

Even with detailed notes and a job description, a voice actor may not record each line in the desired tone and style. It’s important to provide detailed feedback to the voice actor about any lines that need adjusting and explain what did and didn’t work. Providing this feedback when you find a good voice for your project ensures the artist can record the new lines and provide improved audio files with a quick turnaround time.

The best way to find a voice artist for your creative project is to use a voice actor website that allows you to find talent based on a specific job description and budget.

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