How To Find People Using the Internet

If you’ve lost touch with someone and need to contact them again, no need to worry. Thanks to technological advancements, connecting with old friends has become much easier. Many of us use the internet and, as an effect, leave behind a digital trail, often known as our digital footprint. This information is extremely trackable and makes it easy to find anyone online with just a little digging.

There are many ways to find people using the internet, and we’ve rounded up the methods that’ll make your search easier.

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Use a people search tool.

One way to find people is by using a search engine. There are several search engines you can employ, but the best one to start with might be Google since it’s extremely popular and has an extensive database that’ll appeal to you and your needs. Beyond the traditional search engine, there are various other search tools for people searching. Some true people search tools like Pro People Search collect the personal information of thousands of individuals. Much of the information comes from public records that contain phone numbers and even email addresses. A people search site is a great tool you can use, but only when you have enough information about the person to begin with.

Before utilizing any search tool or search engine, document anything you might know about the person you’re searching for. This is essential because it keeps you well organized as you browse through different search websites. Think about anything you might know, from their past address to their maiden name and even the state they lived in the last time you kept in touch.

Search on social media.

Social media is similar to search engines, only with a more defined scope. Some people sign up for every single social media platform, with the most common being Facebook. Many signed up while they were teenagers, and while they don’t visit the site as frequently, they still have a chunk of personal information sitting on their profiles, waiting to be used.

There are other platforms you could search since not everyone has a Facebook profile. Some of these include Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. You’ll need to input some form of basic information for all these platforms, be it the first name or last name, to gain access to different options from which you make your final selection. Data can be gathered from different sources by different software and can also delete my data. There can be a massive possibility as the key may not be stagnant, or the format may be different for different systems.

Use the Google image reverse tool.

The internet doesn’t rely on just words to help you locate people. When used fully, you could even use images to find people you’ve lost touch with. How? With help from the Google reverse image search tool. This tool allows you to upload a photo onto the internet, where it’s analyzed to find out if it exists anywhere else on the internet. Once a match is found, you’re given some information regarding who posted it, when it was posted, and, in some cases, where it was posted. Another way to use images for searches is by inputting the person’s name and going to the images tab on Google when the results pop up. This gives you all images uploaded by people with that name, making your chances of finding the person higher.

To conclude, it can be tough searching for a long-lost friend. However, looking for someone using their digital footprint is great, even though it takes some work and effort. To find someone more quickly, the above-listed methods are just a few ways that’ll make your search for a lost contact easier. You can also try dating websites like Tinder and eHarmony to find people. You never know; you might just find your next match.

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