How to Clean Your Rental House Before Moving In

When your tenant’s contract expires in a few months, and they are ready to leave your rental property, where do you begin to prepare it to attract other tenants? Of course, tenants want to go into a spotless house, and satisfying those expectations may be a difficult task, especially for a novice to property management. So, how do you get your home ready and listing your house for rent

Take the time to clean to guarantee that potential tenants never complain about the cleanliness of your property. Cleaning also raises the value of your house. For making the best out of it hiring bond back cleaning services would be the only optimal solution.

A new house or apartment opens up a world of possibilities. Bare walls, an uncluttered area, and a blank canvas to create your own house. But, before you get started on the exciting aspects of relocating, you must first take care of the essentials. Specifically, the deep cleaning of the new house. In case that you are living within San Jose County, you call the most prominent home cleaning services in the place to free your cleaning time . Here are some helpful cleaning suggestions on cleaning a house for rent before moving in.


You’ll want to give your property a thorough clean and a new vibe before displaying it. Cleaning the kitchen may be difficult. Divide the process into small chunks. Begin by emptying all cupboards and shelves. Clean both exterior and interior, and don’t forget to use a clean, dry towel to wipe everything off. 

If your kitchen has hardwood flooring, use mop for floor cleaning. If left alone, the oven may be rather frightening. Use an oven cleaner and thoroughly clean the stove. Other equipment, such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machines, should also be spotlessly clean. The rear of most appliances is frequently clogged with cobwebs. They should be well cleaned.

Get rid of the clutter

Most of the time, the residence is cluttered following a move-out. Even a tidy house is unappealing to the eye if chaotic. While you will need to learn how to clean a rental house before moving in, you may improve the appearance of your property by removing clutter. 

Consider getting rid of clutter as you will organise your home and create additional space. This way, when property managers come to examine your rental home, it will seem cleaner.


Having a tidy residence is the most important component in getting positive evaluations and attracting tenants. This includes the restroom. When it comes to keeping the bathroom clean, no matter how diligent individuals are, stains, blemishes, and limescale are going to occur with time. 

Limescale is not only repulsive but also leaves an unsightly mineral buildup. Scrub and clean the bathroom floor, sink, shower, toilet, and bathtub thoroughly. Also, make sure that the drains and plug holes are clear of dirt and that the water flows swiftly. For the greatest results, use only recommended cleansers.


Check your walls for filthy markings, scrapes, or scuffs. Is it possible to wash them away? If not, repaint them over with the same colour emulsion. Repainting the walls is worthwhile, especially if several blemishes are on them. 

Fill any deep gouges with wall filler putty and then paint over them. You don’t want tenants to find too many of them. Otherwise, they’ll leave and give you terrible feedback. When cleaning the walls, though, take care not to paint over mould. Instead, remove any mould, clean the walls, repaint, and open the windows for aeration.


Before having a property manager exhibit your home, make sure you vacuum and clean the furnishings. It is advisable to use a dry wash solution while cleaning the furniture. This is an excellent option, especially if the former renter smoked or little children or had dogs. When your home is clean, and your upholstery is in good condition, you attract new tenants and boost the value of your rental property. Look for dings, dents, and scuff marks on hardwood furniture before applying nuts and coffee grinds. Use wood polish for a superior finish, and your furniture will appear brand new.

Do-it-yourself or outsource

A move-in may be stressful, especially if you have to clean after a renter has left. However, are you willing to deep clean all of your rental condominiums and flats on your own? Instead, why not employ a property management company that knows how to clean your house before moving in? On the other hand, professionals are dependable and skilled in their field.

Consequently, they are aware of the most cost-effective and time-efficient methods of cleaning and transforming your house. However, before you outsource, consider the following:

What are the prices for regular cleaning of an apartment rental?

  • Are there any last-minute/emergency options?
  • How many members are there on the team?
  • Are the services all-inclusive?

Important points

  • Pace yourself as you proceed to the living room, bedrooms, and dining area. This portion includes the bulk of your home’s square space. 
  • You’ll be performing some touch-ups now and again when you move your belongings in. For the time being, concentrate on sanitising the doorknobs, door handles, switches, and furnishings that came with the unit. 
  • Dust corners, lights, vents, baseboards, and ceiling fans as soon as possible. You should be OK if you vacuum the floors. 
  • Check to see if there are any carpets and whether they have been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Carpets collect dust and filth from previous renters. Therefore they must be professionally cleaned.

Tip: To clean soiled or dirty grout, mix equal parts water and bleach in a dish and scrape with a toothbrush. Allow the solution to settle for about an hour before scrubbing clean.

You must keep your rental property in good condition as a landlord. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. When presenting a vacant property, create a cleaning regimen that covers all aspects of the space and leaves nothing out Sometimes people may be looking for a room for rent instead of the whole apartment but it still needs to be cleaned thoroughly.
. The recommendations on “How to clean a rental property before moving in” presented are useful. Still, they do not cover everything on cleaning a
house for rent before moving in. As a result, hiring a professional property management firm may be your best option.

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