How To Choose The Best Flipbook Maker? A Short Guide.

Planning to create an online magazine, brochure, or booklet? Flipbook is the best way to impress your readers! In this article, we will find out what exactly is a flipbook, and what to bear in mind when selecting an online flipbook maker to guarantee you choose a platform that suits your needs and goals. 

What Is a Flipbook?

A flipbook is a type of digital publishing that simulates the tactile feeling of turning actual pages. Flipbook makers convert a PDF file into an online interactive document with a realistic page-flip effect, making it more engaging and user-friendly. Some services may enrich the content of flipbooks by adding backdrop designs, logos, films, picture galleries, and other multimedia features. Flipbooks may be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and they are frequently used for digital periodicals, brochures, catalogs, and other publishing purposes. 

Main Features of Flipbook Makers

Below, you will find the most important features to pay attention to while choosing a flipbook maker:

  1. Visual appearance: A high-quality look is one of the key features that make online flipbooks attractive and drive readership. Your flipbook maker should have a smooth page-flipping effect, and the option to add various multimedia effects to enhance aesthetics such as slide shows, picture galleries, videos, and GIFS.
  2. Branding: Branding is another crucial factor to consider when selecting your digital flipbook maker. Your flipbook should project the right image, which is why it is vital to choose a platform that allows you to customize it. You should be able to add your own logo and background images as well as links to your social media sites for wider recognition. 
  3. Easy distributing: Readers want to access publications on any device with an internet connection. That’s why you should choose a service that offers responsive flipbooks that look great both on mobile and desktop. This feature makes them an ideal fit for global marketing distribution.
  4. E-commerce: If you plan to use online flipbooks as an online catalog, pick a platform that enables you to create product tags and add lead capture forms. Ideally, product tags should not only include descriptions, but also images, videos, and links. With such features, your clients will be able to make informed buying decisions and you will gain more customers in no time.
  5. Embedding: Online flipbooks may be embedded into multiple sites to improve their visibility and reach a wider audience. Any online merchant may embed a flipbook directly into their online store or website, but it can be done by any tech-savvy person. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a platform that offers an embed protection feature, which allows the creator to control where the flipbook can be embedded.


As you can see, selecting an online flipbook maker is a complex endeavor that requires careful consideration and planning. Once you have determined your goals and needs, you need to evaluate your options carefully and pay attention to the features mentioned above. With our guide, you will surely choose an easy-to-use platform with a stunning appearance and great interactive features.

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