How to Care for Your Hair Extensions?

Let’s now go over cleaning and wearing hair extensios. Keep in mind that the longevity of your extensions depends on how well you take care of them and the tools and accessories you use. 

Here are my personal instructions, advice, and suggestions for taking care of your hair extensions aft


After 48 hours, avoid getting your hair wet or moist. Allow your bonds to heal. This covers showering, perspiring, saunas, and hot baths. This applies to you unless you have Beaded Weft Extensions.

Shampooing and Conditioning

  • BEFORE you wet them, gently comb any tangles out of your extensions. When your extensions are damp, NEVER brush them.To prevent tangling, always stand with your head straight up and your back straight.
  • Avoid using high heat and use shampoo in small circular motions after wetting the hair with lukewarm water. Never comb your hair in a circular motion.
  • Do not rub the extensions when lathering the shampoo at the scalp. From top to bottom, carefully brush your fingers through the extensions. (For advice on how to add a step for a clarifying shampoo if you’re having trouble producing a good lather, see below.)
  • Rinse well, then simply coat the tail of the extensions with the hair masque. REMOVE masque from the attachments.
  • Allowing the masque to stay in the hair for AT LEAST 5 minutes will help it permeate the extensions. Thoroughly rinse.
  • Put a little conditioner on your hair’s ends. REMOVE conditioner from contact with attachments. This is a fantastic chance to gently untangle with your fingertips. NO bristle.
  • Squeeze out the extra moisture from your hair and towel-dry it. It will seriously tangle the extensions if you rub them back and forth between your palms.

Note: Clarifying Shampoo

If your hair does not lather, the buildup on your hair is preventing the shampoo from cleaning it. Therefore, after rinsing away the first shampoo, use a clarifying (but not Redken) shampoo. 

After a thorough lathering period of three minutes, rinse. After using your regular shampoo, which should now really lather, apply your conditioner.

By using a clarifying shampoo, you may rid your hair of excess product buildup on the extensions, including oils, smoke, chlorine, sea water, hairspray, and other items that should be rinsed off. Every other week, we advise using a clarifying shampoo. 

Finding the ideal timetable for you requires some trial and error. You are using too much clarifying shampoo if your hair seems dry. You should use a clarifying shampoo if your hair feels heavy or has a film on it. (Tip: Redken clarifying shampoo is excessively drying; avoid using it. Inquire with me about the best clarifying shampoo for your extensions.


Now we all have a basic idea how to look after hair extensions. The most essential procedures are washing and conditioning. Shampoos are important, sulfate and alcohol-free shampoos are a must so that hair will not shed. 

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