Guidelines on how to Select a Quality Pressure Washing Machine

Are you tired of using a regular garden hose to clean your car, pavements and, concrete surfaces? Invest in a modern pressure washing machine, and you can start enjoying cleaning time. This article will explain how to save your time, money, and energy while cleaning more efficiently than ever before.

Pressure washing is the art of cleaning surfaces such as cars and buildings with water under high pressure from a mechanical nozzle, attached to a power washing machine. A pressure washing machine rapidly cleans out dust, grime, grease, mold, and all other types of dirt. The below image is a visual of the pressure washing machine, un-assembled, and tips on choosing a quality one when shopping.

Machine Engine Capacity

Depending on the usage, the user should choose a machine that will give the desired output. The engine capacity of a pressure washing machine for commercial use will be higher than that for a private one. The pressure washing machine price in Kenya will be dependent on the engine size and other variables. The engine power will determine the amount of water needed and the speed rate for cleaning too.

Powering the Machine

Smaller machines can run on electricity or solar power. In large-scale power washing, mostly for commercial use, the power machines can be powered by compact gasoline engines. Depending on the cleaning requirements, the choice of machine quality and size can only be made by the user. Buying an electricity-powered pressure washing machine is the most viable idea for small-scale cleaning.

Manufacturer of the Machine

To ensure the selection of a quality pressure washing machine, the user must buy it from a recognized manufacturer or vendor. These machines come with warranties incase of malfunction within a specified time range and can be repaired or replaced by the seller. The price of car wash machine in kenya is relatively low for machines that are of low quality compared to their counterparts.

Water Volume Capacity

Light or heavy-duty cleaning requires different water volumes and pressure. The quality of the machine will determine the water speed that reaches the machine’s nozzle and the quantity of cleaning that can be done at a time. Water sources are also a determining factor when choosing to purchase a pressure washing machine.

Machine Care and Maintenance

Following the purchase and use of the pressure machine, the user should maintain it according to the manufacturer’s specifications, to prolong its lifespan. It will also preserve the quality of the pressure machine and eliminate repair costs. Detergents should be routinely rinsed out after every use and the machine should be stored accurately to avoid damage.


Most times, cheap items prove to be expensive in the long run. The cost of pressure washing machines in Kenya varies, but the take-home point here is buyer beware. The burden of due diligence when it comes to sourcing quality machines lies with the buyer. Pressure washing machines have evolved the once gruesome concept of car and surface cleaning into delightful hobbies.

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