Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Fence Trimmer in Kenya

If you love a well-manicured and visually appealing fence, you definitely consider a fence trimmer as a necessity for yard maintenance. This article will explore various factors that one should consider before buying a fence trimmer. It will also highlight essential features that one should look out for in a fence trimmer for a successful purchase.

A fence trimmer is a highly functional tool that prunes and maintains hedges. It takes the place of shears in trimming larger yards.  A fence trimmer is mainly preferred because it is safe, saves energy and time, and is efficient. The following are factors that you should consider during your fence trimmer purchase.

The nature of your yard

The first and most important step before buying a fence trimmer is weighing your options by estimating the amount of trimming to be done. It is essential that you define the size of your yard and the nature of hedges that require tending. You will then determine the size and power of the tool to purchase for more functionality.

Source of power

Power is a significant factor that distinguishes hedge trimmers into three categories in the market. A fence cutter is either battery-powered, gas-poweredor electric. An electric trimmer is ideal for first-time users because it is affordable and easy to use. You will only need to source for an extension cord and the nearest power outlet.

Battery-powered fence trimmers are now very common in the market because they are low maintenance in nature. Such trimmers can function for a span of two hours while fully charged. Gas-powered trimmers, however, are high maintenance because they require fuel to run. Professionals and regular user mainly purchase such trimmers.


Vendors in the marketplace quote different fence trimmer prices in Kenya. As a buyer, you will mostly pay for power and the convenience of the trimmer. The cheapest fence trimmer’s design is lightweight to perform the most straightforward job. The prices increase when the trimmer is cordless, has a longer blade, is fast charging, or is gas-powered.


How you use and maintain your fence trimmer after purchase will determine its lifespan. It is, therefore, vital that you carefully read and follow the manual instructions to increase the tool’s durability. You should clean the trimmer after use and store it properly to prevent rusting. You will also need to sharpen the blades and replace them when they get worn out.

One should consider the cost of maintaining the different trimmers when exploring the hedge trimmer machine Kenya. Gas trimmers, for example, are the most expensive to maintain. They require regular fuel refill as well as spark plug replacements for a good engine.

In conclusion, a functional fence trimmer is necessary to make trimming easier. You will, therefore, need to consider the safest and right powered fence trimmer to achieve that goal. Once you match the work with the available options, purchasing a fence trimmer will be worth the experience.

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