Different Types of Bike Seats for Sports

Whenever you go for a ride on your favorite bike, it should be fun and recreational; else, what is the point of riding. Many components make up a bike ride fun, and the saddle is one of them. To many, it can be a straight activity to go and pick up any saddle that looks attractive.

However, saddle selection should be made wisely because this part of your bike decides how comfortably you are going to sit and ride. There are many saddles out there made for different types of riders. You can find a holed bike seat shape on your saddle or without any hole. There are just so many choices, and the one you have to pick up depends on your riding needs.

Today we are going to discuss how you should pick the right saddle if you ride for sports or if bike sports is your major niche.

Bike Saddle for Sports

There are many intensities in sports bike rides. If you need to sit in a regular riding position while leaning forward only slightly and pedaling fast, then you need a saddle that has a cutout in the top. The saddle should have slight padding that doesn’t hinder your performance since you have to pedal fast.

The bike seat should include the ergonomic feature with a narrow nose, and the rear width should be compatible with your sit-bone width. The narrow nose supports a fast paddle rate by not letting your thighs touch the seat or any other part. This type of seat would be suitable for both sportsmen and women who ride for sports but not too intensely.

When you are in intense bike riding where you participate in events like road-racing, mountain-racing, and driving while leaning very forward, you need a saddle that is narrower than usual. The padding should be very light, or there should be no padding at all.

The rider should wear padded riding shorts, which makes the overall riding sports more effective. Make sure the seat has a cutout to support your groin area, and the rear part should match your sit bone.

There are different seats for men and women that come according to their body ratio. Also, it is advised that you get used to the seat of your bike by riding it for a few days prior. Some saddles work best when adjusted to the body shape after a few rides.

Note: For competitive racing, seats with minimal designs work best because the rider rests forward, having their half weight near the handle of the bike. This means less weight is put on the seat, and hence minimal and narrow saddles work best for sports rides.

Remember the Amount of Padding 

When you purchase a saddle for riding in the upright position and for recreational purposes, it is fine to get a saddle with enough padding that the base feels soft when you press it with your thumb.

However, when you have to ride for longer distances, you need a saddle with minimal padding or no padding at all. This is because the padding sinks you in the seat when you least need it. For longer distances, you need to pedal at a higher rate and continuously, which becomes uncomfortable because the padding puts extra weight in the areas you don’t want, and hence it compromises your performance.

That is why don’t go with a paddle that looks attractive and squishy to the touch if you ride a sports bike where you need to lean forward.

And the Width

Saddles come in all shapes and sizes; width is another factor to consider. Sportsperson should choose a saddle with minimum width so the saddle doesn’t obstruct your leg movement while you are pedaling.

Also, the rear width of the saddle is important because it is where you rest your sit bones. It should not be too wide or too narrow and should be perfectly fine when you ride sitting on it. You can also use a ruler to measure your sit bone and grab a saddle accordingly.

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