Commonly Asked Interview Questions for Management Roles

After you are done with your academics, the final step is to ace your interviews. Recruiters expect to hire MBA applicants who are skilled, communicative, and presentable. You are required to have a clear perspective of your academic studies that you should be able to readily integrate with real-life scenarios. Apart from your curriculum knowledge, you will have to be updated with the market trends, as well as have the ability to critical-thinking. Your answers should be short, to the point, and undeviating, as they mentioned in

There will be multiple companies at your doorstep on your college placement programs that will more or less ask the same questions. Let’s have a look at what type of questions you may get asked and what are they actually looking for.

1. Tell me something about yourself.

Irrespective of your educational qualification and the job role you are applying for, this is the only question that is asked by every interviewer. It may seem easy to answer but it is most probable to trip over the first question itself. The aim here is to go beyond the script of your resume and say more about your opportunity.

2. Why are you interested in this job?

The recruiter wants to know what motivated you to apply for the particular job role. Be sure that you are conscious of the company beforehand. Let them know what you believe to gain from your role.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

As a management student, you must be well aware of company SWOT analysis. The same thing applies to you too. Mention at least three of your strengths and how you can implement those in your job to benefit the business. In case of weaknesses, mention some of your personal flaws and what you are practicing to overcome them.

4. What made you pursue MBA?

Explain what inspired you to get into a business school. Say something positive and enriching about the faculties, curriculum, and placement programs of your college as well. In the end, mention the career goals that you expect to achieve through this degree.

5. What does being a Manager mean to you?

Don’t go exactly by the books or read a custom writing by managementpaper. It will only help you with your grades, not crack a job interview. Here, the recruiter wants to know if you are clear about the role of a manager, which is planning, coordinating, overseeing, staffing, and controlling. But reply in a way that integrates all these duties with your managing style. They want to hear your point of view.

6. How will you keep your employees motivated?

All employees have different personalities and means of interest. A specific solution will not be applicable, instead, reply with a certain example. The interviewer will note your perspective, leadership skills, sense of responsibility, communication skills, and motivation technique you used in handling your team.

7. What is your salary expectation?

It is a trick question, where you shouldn’t give a determined amount. The two possible responses could be –

  • “Whatever best fits the position”
  • “The more the merrier”

8. Do you have any questions?

Avoid replying with a ‘No’. Take this question as a discussion and show your enthusiasm. Come up with some good questions, like –

  • “What keeps your business distinct from your competitors?”
  • “May I know my growth prospects?”
  • “If I am hired, what would you expect me to achieve during my training period?”

Conclusion: This set of questions is not entirely inclusive, but covers the most frequently asked interview questions of all. Aside from asking direct questions to check your curriculum knowledge, every interviewer aims to see your confident attitude, integrating ability, dynamics of your skills, and your passion to give your best. Take advice from the top paper writers if required, prepare yourself, and don’t be nervous.

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