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Most people have bought Disney+ for the nostalgia, for kids, or to binge-watch The Simpsons, but there are a number of comedy movies on the platform for when you’re having a Saturday night movie night, or bored of binge-watching the Simpsons but still want that comedy hit, we have provided a list of our favourite comedy movies on Disney+. But before we get into the list, we have some advice for when you’re watching Disney+. Watching on a wall-mounted TV will improve the experience as well as help you prevent eye and neck strain. So whether you’re catching up on The Mandalorian, following our list of comedies, or binge-watching The Simpsons (again) call in the experts and get your TV wall mounted.

Thank You For Smoking

This comedy follows the story of Nick Naylor who works for Big Tobacco’s chief spokesman and tries to spin cigarettes in a positive light, whilst trying to act as a role model for his 12-year-old son, who is obviously curious about his father’s job. This is a well-written movie, with its witty comedy, pokes fun at some of the world’s more ignorant people.

Free Guy

In the immensely popular video game Free City, an NPC named Guy discovers the actual essence of his existence when he meets his ideal girl, a human player. As they play, this player’s interactions with Guy have a huge impact on him, the game, and the real world. It’s weird, but it’s entertaining, and it’s really quite emotional at points, making it a more heartwarming picture than you’d imagine. There are some very great spectacular effects, and it is never dull at any point.

Like Mike

Calvin and his mates discover an old pair of sneakers with the fading initials “MJ” linked to a power wire while living in an orphanage. They go to get them one rainy night when they and Calvin are both hit by lightning. Calvin now possesses incredible basketball abilities and has the opportunity to play in the NBA. Recommended for kids and parents, everyone will love this film.

Jungle Cruise

One of the newer comedy movies on Disney+, Jungle Cruise is an exciting movie for teen kids and adults alike. Dr Lily Houghton and her brother join up with Frank, a skipper, to find a mysterious tree in the Amazon. They are, however, hunted by malevolent creatures seeking immortality. Described by IMDB users as “a fantastic movie of sacrifice and love, and there was plenty of adventure to keep the pace moving”.

The Waterboy

It wouldn’t be a complete list without Adam Sandler which is why The Waterboy is next on our list of comedy movies on Disney+. Bobby Boucher works for a college football team as a water boy. However, after finding his tackling abilities, the new coach accepts him onto the squad. Described by some as Sandler’s best, it certainly lived up to expectations and does what it set out to do – makes us laugh!

Cheaper By The Dozen

We realise many films on the list may be for older people, but it would be unfair not to have a PG-rated movie. Cheaper by the Dozen certainly deserves its place on this list.  Tom and Kate Baker, joyful parents of 12 children, have prioritised family above profession. Their lives are turned upside down when small-town coach Tom is offered his dream job and Kate’s book is approved for publication. Now that she’s moving up, it’s up to Tom to look after the kids, take care of the house, and start a new job. Is he capable of bringing order out of chaos? “One of the best family movies ever made”, makes it the perfect film for all the family to gather together and watch.


When the owner of Globo Gym has his sights set on owning another Gym, Average Joe’s Gymnasium, but the owner of Average Joe’s, Peter, isn’t so keen a war starts. Peter can’t find a way to raise £50,000 until they decide winning a dodgeball tournament is the way to go. Goodman, Globo Gym owner sees this as a threat so gets together his own dodgeball team and looks set to dominate, this is until professional Patches turns up to train the underdogs. This film has been described by many as ‘unbelievably funny’, even if not much else when you’re tuning in for a comedy you want to laugh at, and this will certainly make you do this.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

When Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin is hired as a covert agent in a secret espionage organisation to seek Richmond Valentine, an eco-terrorist, however, he meets various hurdles. This film is fantastic, from the performances to the special effects to the narrative!

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